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De Prael Brewery And Tasting Room

Posted on: March 1, 2018

De Prael Brewery

De Prael Brewery Has The Best Craft Beers In Amsterdam

You’ll feel right at home in the atmospheric tasting room of De Prael Brewery. The room has a warm homely feel to it. In the tasting room there is a lot of room and you have a great view of the brewing plant and the brewing process of the craft beer. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for tasting their special beers, eating some snacks or enjoying some good food. The staff is also really friendly and a main reason why we visit. 

De Prael Beer

The relatively large assortment of beers served in the tasting room varies both in taste, color and alcohol percentage. It is striking that the brewery not only brews Dutch and Belgian styles, but also German styles such as Kölsch. In addition to a few seasonal beers, Prael also brews on behalf of third parties.

De Prael Brewery Inside
Picture source: brouwerij De Prael Amsterdam

The Social Function Of This Amsterdam Beer Brewery

People with a disabilities work in this Amsterdam beer brewery, these are people who generally find it hard to find work elsewhere. This the social function of the brewery. De Prael Amsterdam was the first Dutch brewery to opt for this way of working. The Breugems Brewery in Zaandam has since imitated the idea. 

De Prael Brewery
“Brewery De Prael” barrel. Picture source: brouwerij De Prael Amsterdam

Dutch Folk-Music At De Prael Brewery

Beers produced by the brewery till 2015 were named after famous Dutch folk singers. Expect to hear a lot of Dutch folk-music in the tasting room. The music isn’t played loudly, only in the background. De Prael Brewery presents itself as a “typical Dutch brewery”.

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