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Naked Prostitutes Build Human Tower in Amsterdam

Posted on: April 1, 2015

Naked prostitutes in Amsterdam

Naked Prostitutes in Amsterdam Red Light District

Remarkable news today which came from a union of sex workers in the Netherlands.

New record: First human tower of naked bodies

Prostitutes from all over the world are going to build the first human tower of naked bodies in Amsterdam. They do this to protest against the stigma around prostitution.  Most sex workers find it difficult if not impossible to get a mortgage or insurance. Banks and insurance companies are not willing to provide their services to sex workers, as a consequence of the bad image of their profession.

Sex workers Amsterdam Red Light District

The prostitutes in Amsterdam hope that this protest will help to get rid of the current image problem. Most of the sex workers consider their profession as just another job; “Sex work = work”, they say. Last week, the Dutch bank Triodos refused to open a bank account for the Dutch Union for Sex Workers, called PROUD.

Naked prostitutes protest in Red Light District of Amsterdam

old church amsterdam
The Old Church in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The tower of prostitutes will equal the height of the Amsterdam Old Church, that stands over 67 meters (73 yards) tall. It will be erected on the Old Church Square, which is situated in the heart of the Red Light District. The human tower of naked prostitutes will be built on April 1st at 8 pm. The sex workers invite everyone to come see the protest in Amsterdam. The event will be free. “This is your only chance to see naked prostitutes without paying for it”, said one of them.

A Naked Protest Against Stigma

Sex workers from all over the world will be in Amsterdam to support this act. Sunny Lane, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, Kristin M. Davis and Ayumu Kas will be joining the protest. 80 female and 20 male prostitutes will join the protest in the Red Light District. “I think this is a great initiative and I’m so glad that I can be part of it. It’s ridiculous that sex workers in the Netherlands and elsewhere are being refused at certain banks. Why do banks refuse sex workers?”, said Sunny Lane.

Famous Fokkens Twins on top

Twin prostitutes Amsterdam Red Light District
Amsterdam, Martine & Louise Fokkens. Holland’s oldest prostitutes.

Many Dutch sex workers will join in as well, including the most famous ones. The best known prostitutes in the Netherlands are Martine & Louise Fokkens. These twin sisters have worked in Amsterdam’s Red Light District for 50 years. The twins are not only (former) prostitutes with many publications in the media, but also the oldest prostitutes in the Netherlands (77 years of age). Martine & Louise Fokkens confirm – according to plan – they will be the last to climb over all other women to hold the top.

Guinness Book of Records Amsterdam Red Light District

If the naked prostitutes manage to build a human tower of 67 meters, a world record will be set. They will be the first to build a human tower of naked prostitutes. The Guinness Book of Records will be there to monitor the event. “A naked human tower of sex workers has never been attempted in history.”, said a Guiness Book of Records inspector.

(This article was written on April Fools Day, 2015)


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