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Street Art in Amsterdam – 15 pictures

Posted on: Februar 9, 2015

Street Art in Amsterdam: Inflatable Doll in front of the art work of Ottograph.

Street Art in Amsterdam: Colorful, Vibrant & Unique

Amsterdam sure has a lot of beautiful street art in town. We think it’s great that there are some artists out there who try to make the streets less boring. See for yourself. We hope you like it!

1. Street Art in Amsterdam:  Red Light District, “The Syndics, Rembrandt (1662) by Focuz.”

Street Art in Amsterdam: Urban artist Focuz in the Red Light District.

“The syndics” is the work of urban artist Focuz. This painting and two others from the same project currently hang on the Warmoes street in the Red Light District.  During our tours we’ll pass by this beautiful piece of art. The Old Masters by New Masters project links old Dutch master (like Rembrandt) with street art. The painting above was made with spray paint, acrylic paint and paint markers in 2014.

2. Street Art in Amsterdam: Flower Market, 2015. “Tags, Coats of Arms and Angels.” (artists unknown)

Street Art in Amsterdam. Flower Market

We shot this picture at Amsterdam’s Flower Market. There are a lot of these coats of arms of Amsterdam stickers in town. It’s pretty cool, right?
Wusstest du das the Flower Market is a place where locals never go? Amsterdammers never buy their flowers here. The main reason for that is because it’s overpriced. Locals go markets like the Albert Cuyp Market, Dapper Market, Noorder Market, Waterloo Square Market, but not this one.

3. Street Art in Amsterdam: Red Light District, 2014. “Erotic Mouse in photo frame”. (artist unknown)

Street Art in Amsterdam. An Erotic Mouse in The Red Light District.

Recently, this mouse was added to the Red Light District. The artist drew an hammer in it. And if you look closely you’ll see that there’s actually pieces of glass on the frame work. It looks like the erotic mouse broke the glass! Isn’t that brilliant?

4. Street Art in Amsterdam: Red Light District, 2014. “Hand on Chest” (artist unknown)

Street Art in Amsterdam. An hidden piece (hand on chest) in the Red Light District.

This is definitely one of the best art works in the Red Light District. The story behind this piece of art is really cool. It adds an extra charm to the area. Wanna get to know the whole story behind this street art in Amsterdam? During our Red Light District Tour we’ll tell you all about it!

5. Street Art in Amsterdam: City center, 2014. “Mini-car painted blue.”

Street Art in Amsterdam. A small car is filled colorfully painted.

Mini-cars like these are very popular in Amsterdam. Why you ask? Because you can park them wherever you like. It has a maximum speed limit of 45 km/h and you don’t need a drivers-licence to ride it. Two persons can fit in this mini-car.

6. Street Art in Amsterdam: Nes Street, 2014. “Amai, das Goe!” Artist: Dribbel.

Street Art in Amsterdam. Artist: Dribbel on the Nes Street.

7. Street Art in Amsterdam: Red Light District, 2014. Art work by Fafi & @little__madi.

Street Art in Amsterdam. Awesome painting by Fafi in the Red Light District.

This piece of art is awesome! It has been added to the Red Light District in the autumn of 2014 onto the walls of Maria’s Dolls Museum. We love the bright colors it has. It was made by two female artists. Make sure you follow them on Instagram. Thanks Fafi!

Street Art in Amsterdam: Rokin Street, 2014. “Big City Bad Boys by Senatoti.”

Street Art in Amsterdam. Rokin street.
Amsterdam, Rokin Street, 2014. “Big City Bad Boys by Senatoti.”

This street art in Amsterdam was painted on a wooden door, which is here for reconstruction purposes. It used be a plain wooden door. We find this art work a great (temporarily) solution for the eye.

Street Art in Amsterdam. Left overs from a bachelor party?
Amsterdam, city center, 2015. “Inflatable doll & Ottograph’s art work”

Most likely this was being used during a bachelor party in Amsterdam. We found in laying around in Amsterdam’s city centre. Just next to the great art work of Ottograph.

Street Art in Amsterdam. Art work in the Red Light District.
Amsterdam, Red Light District, 2014. (artist unknown)

We’re not a huge fan of tags which are being spray painted in the city. We prefer to see something which is a bit more challenging than just a couple of letters. Like the characters above. Great colors!

Street Art in Amsterdam Red Light District. Art work in a narrow alley next to the brothels.
Amsterdam, Red Light District, 2014. “Prostitutes open their curtains”. (artist unknown)

This street art in Amsterdam can be found in one of the narrow alleys of the Red Light District. It has been around for quite some while now. Unfortunately we don’t know who’ve made it.

Street Art in Amsterdam. Canal Houses painted on the Nes Street.
Amsterdam, Nes street, 2014. “Canal Houses”. (artist unknown)

Ah yes.. Amsterdam’s canal houses sure are beautiful to see. Many artist have painted them. And so did this (unknown) artist.

Street Art in Amsterdam Red Light District. Colorful car.
Einmsterdam, Red Light District, 2014. “Car with big wheels”. (artist unknown)

Street Art in Amsterdam. Vibrant art work in the heart of the Red Light District.Amsterdam, Red Light District, 2014. “Temporarily art”. (artist unknown) 

Our local guides shot this picture on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal street in the Red Light District, just next to restaurant Mata Hari. When they took this photo, the houses on the left were being renovated and some wood was placed in front of it. Someone was probably keen of having more street art in Amsterdam and created this piece of art.

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