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The School For Amsterdam Prostitutes Opens Its Doors

Posted on: April 1, 2017

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Aspiring Amsterdam Prostitutes Can Get A Diploma

Honey Pot – A new Dutch organization by and for sex workers – in collaboration with the city of Amsterdam has officially opened The School For Amsterdam Prostitutes today. The new institution will provide a 4-month course for aspiring prostitutes from all over the world. The course offers “sexual knowledge” for its participants. The cost for enrolment will be 400, – Euros (approximately 430 Dollars). This is in large part due to subsidies by the city of Amsterdam and volunteer teachers.

School For Prostitutes Not Just About Sex

Amsterdam Red Light District Windows

According to Justin Beaver, spokes person of Honey Pot, topics of the course will vary greatly.

‘Besides the sex stuff we’ll dive deep into the history of prostitution, changing social views and its stigma”. The course also intends to convey the traditional Dutch entrepreneurial spirit: “accounting, sales, (online) marketing, customer service and necessary negotiating skills will all be taught’.

Government Supports Amsterdam Prostitutes

amsterdam red light district must see

‘We believe education plays a key role in creating safe working conditions for Amsterdam prostitutes”, states a spokesperson of Amsterdam’s city council.’

The local government hopes that the new prostitution school will further professionalize the local industry. People are already speculating that a diploma from The School For Amsterdam Prostitutes will become mandatory before one can enter the trade. However, Justin Beaver has made numerous official statements in the past trying to dispel this rumour.

Amsterdam Prostitutes School Affects Coffeeshop

Coffeeshop Bultig the first in Amsterdam

Not everybody is happy with the arrival of the new school. Due to current Dutch laws there is a big chance that the world famous cannabis/coffee shop The Bull Dog will eventually have to close its doors. The so called “distance rules” ordains that coffee shops within a 250 meter range of a school should be closed. The School Of Amsterdam Prostitutes will be located 249 meters from cannabis store The Bulldog. A quintessential Dutch legal cannabis debate is expected in the near future.

(This article was published on April Fools day, 2017.)


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2 Responses to The School For Amsterdam Prostitutes Opens Its Doors

  1. Zhipeng Sun sagt:

    Hi, this is Zhipeng from Utrecht University doing a PhD project with regard to the sexual and health issues. Could I join in this program works as a volunteer? Thanks so much.

  2. Leon Murray sagt:

    April fools day

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