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The Dutch Parliament Against Regulating Cannabis Cultivation

Posted on: November 28, 2013
cannabis cultivation pots

The Dutch parliament is against regulating cannabis cultivation Tuesday a motion by the SP – a left-wing party – to keep this option open was rejected. Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten stressed Thursday, that all regulation of cannabis cultivation is undesirable for several reasons, and moreover not legally feasible. He also confirmed that under his leadership, […]

Criminalising Prostitution Is Not A Solution

Posted on: Juni 1, 2013
der Prostitution angesehen werden.

Why Criminalising Prostitution Does Not Work Young girls who are brought to the Netherlands under false conditions, women who are being exploited for years by pimps, minors who are forced by pimps in prostitution… These abuses in the sex industry should be combated. Though, the question is how. Not by criminalising prostitution, but by improving […]

Prostitution expert: “Most Prostitutes Work Without Coercion”

Posted on: März 12, 2013
Prostitution expert Professor Hendrik Wagenaar

Dutch Prostitution Expert: Forget Sweden!Table of ContentsDutch Prostitution Expert: Forget Sweden!‘Most prostitutes work voluntarily’Hendrik WagenaarProstitution BooksSex Work Without CoercionSwedish Prostitution Model ‘Most prostitutes work voluntarily’ According to prostitution expert Hendrik Wagenaar does the overemphasis on human trafficking obstructs a good approach to solve the problems in prostitution. The professor did research on prostitution in different […]

The Canals of Amsterdam Exist 400 year!

Posted on: Dezember 28, 2012
Amsterdam Canal Cruises Canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Celebrates 400th Anniversary of its Canals An exposition in the Amsterdam Museum describes the story of the canals. “Do people actually live in these houses?”, is a question which American toerists quite often ask. Amsterdam’s canals are so famous, that visitors not always realize that it is a vibrant metropool. The canals of Amsterdam […]

Amsterdam’s massage parlor Gogo closed

Posted on: November 21, 2012
Amsterdam's Massage Salon GoGo

Chinese massage parlor GoGo at Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam has been closed by order of Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. Large amounts of drugs and money were found in the saloon. There were also indications that unlicensed prostitution was being practiced. GoGo was one of the three Chinese massage parlors in Amsterdam where several investigators occurred […]

Nuisance in British city Hessle: It begins to look like Amsterdam

Posted on: Oktober 27, 2012
Prostitution in Hessle

In a region just outside the British city Hessle, Hessle Road, there is fuss about prostitutes who are working there. Residents of Hessle Road claim that the prostitutes are forced to live in an area that is similar as the Red Light District of Amsterdam. According to the local Hull Daily Mail, the area of […]

Amsterdam Is World’s 2nd Best City To Visit

Posted on: Oktober 21, 2012
Amsterdam Best City To Visit

Lonely Planet loves Amsterdam “Lots of birthday cake,” writes the leading travel guide Lonely Planet in its recommendation for next year to visit Amsterdam. Number two on the list of favourite destinations in 2013, behind San Francisco (USA). Here’s why Amsterdam is world’s second best city to visit. World’s Second Best City To Visit The […]

Nearly One Million Compensation for Ex-prostitute

Posted on: September 4, 2012
Ex-prostitute gets one million Euro in compensation

Compensation for Ex-Prostitute in the Netherlands The court of Leeuwarden (a city in the north of Holland) assigned a compensation of 950.000 Euro to an ex-prostitute who worked in forced prostitution for seven years long in Amsterdam and Utrecht. The man who forced her to do so, was also sentenced to six years in prison. The court […]

Amsterdam Implements Language Exam for Prostitutes

Language exam for prostitutes in Amsterdam

Mandatory Language Exam For Prostitutes in Amsterdam In the fight against abuses in prostitution, the municipality of Amsterdam will carry out a number of new measures from 1 January 2013. There will be a mandatory language exam for prostitutes to determine their autonomy and it will be prohibited to run double shifts. The City of […]

Human Trafficking of Sex Workers

Posted on: November 5, 2011
human trafficking

Human Trafficking In Sex Industry Mariska Majoor (born in Hilversum in 1968) – a former prostitute shares her knowledge about human trafficking in the sex industry: “If someone is forcing a young girl to work in the Red Light District, they will tell the prostitute that if she tries to escape they will kill their family. […]