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Brad Pitt Misses Out On Biggest Penthouse In Amsterdam

Posted on: Februar 21, 2016

Biggest Penthouse In Amsterdam Exterior

Big movie star Brad Pitt was keen on buying the biggest penthouse in Amsterdam but lost out in a bidding war against an Amsterdam hospitality tycoon. A Dutch entrepreneur outsmarted Pitt by making the bid and finishing the deal around the 2015 Christmas Holidays. All the other interested parties weren’t paying attention at that time.

Biggest Penthouse In Amsterdam Worth 16 Million Euros!

Biggest Penthouse In Amsterdam Interior
(Source: Christie’s International Real Estate)

The winning knock out bid is estimated to be a staggering 16 million euros (17.7 million USD) making it the most expensive penthouse in the Netherlands. Besides being the most expensive – it is also the biggest penthouse in the Netherlands with a total surface area of 1.440 square meters. According to Christie’s International Real Estate, broker of the deal, the total cost per square meter of the apartment averages around 11.000 euros (12.225 USD). These are high figures even compared to international hotspots like New York and London according to Christie’s. By comparison, presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Penthouse in New York is now on the market for 31.5 million euros (35 million USD).

This biggest house in Amsterdam will be finished in May 2018 on the “Pontsteiger” in the “Houthavens”.

And the new owner of the biggest penthouse in Amsterdam is…

The man who made the winning offer is Won Yip (46) one of Amsterdam’s wealthiest hospitality entrepreneurs. If you ever manage to get to Amsterdam chances are high that you end up drinking or eating in one of his many bars and restaurants. He owns almost all the cafes on and close to the Dam square, a popular tourist attraction in the centre of Amsterdam. This plushy position has earned him the nickname: “King of the Dam Square”.

On February 4th – during a Dutch talkshow – Won Yip said: “The challenge of this penthouse is to keep things manageable… There will be occasions where my wife will ask me: Where have you been today? To which I’ll reply: I was at home

Dutch Entrepreneur Outsmarted Brad Pitt Biggest Penthouse in Amsterdam
(Source: picture by Friso Keuris for Quote NL)

Won Yip’s life can best be described as the American dream, in Holland. Son of a Chinese immigrant who fled from China, Yip started out with a small café at the age of 19 years old. He was never much interested in school, but loved to work. Win Yip does’t have one diploma but through hard work, averaging eighteen hours a day, he has built his global hospitality empire stretching from Las Vegas to London in a mere three decades. What was and is his motto throughout creating all this? “Do as much as you can to make the guest feel important”.

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