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10 Amazing Photos of Amsterdam in 1916

Posted on: Februar 14, 2016

Amsterdam in 1916. Sinterklaas ( Saint Nicholas) jumps over houses

Amsterdam in 1916 – Hundred years ago

With his horse, Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) jumps over the rooftops of Amsterdam. His boat was captured by the British – including his bag with sweets and cookies. The British also arrested Zwarte Piet – his helper, so Saint Nicholas had to do all the gift deliveries on his own. He must hurry to be in time.


Holland, Amsterdam in 1916. A man cleans a car with a vacuum cleaner.Amsterdam in 1916. An employee of the Dutch Electron Corporation demonstrates a vacuum-cleaner on the interior of a car (Ford T?) on the Overtoom street.  Photographer: C.J. Hofker.


Holland, Amsterdam in 1916. A stand with mussels.Amsterdam in 1916. Mussels-stall on a canal in Amsterdam. Photographer: Unknown.

Amsterdam in 1916. A street comedian on Dam SquareAmsterdam in 1916. The street-comedian Maupie Steel tries to convince the people on Dam Square of an imaginary airship. A young magazine salesman  is helping him. Photographer: Unkown.

Holland, Amsterdam, Hundred years ago. Flooding refugees.

Amsterdam in 1916. A house filled with refugees of the flooding in North-Holland. Click on the picture to enlarge it. How many persons do you count? Let us know in the comment section below.

Holland, Amsterdam, year 1916. Beautiful canal housesAmsterdam in 1916. Houses with sidewalks and steps to the front so that people could sit outside. Sheets are hanging out of the windows and wood barrels are lying on the quays. In the past – also in these years – a lot of heavy transportation (like those barrels) was done by boat. Nowadays, it’s mostly done via trucks. Click on the picture if you want to zoom on those people. Photographer unknown.


Holland, Amsterdam, year 1916. Facial Hair Removal newest method.Amsterdam in 1916. Miss A. Neeter helps a customer in her beauty salon with facial hair removal. She applies an American electric hair removal device – one of the newest inventions of that time. Mind the beautiful crystal decanters on the left.


Holland, Amsterdam, year 1916. Protest against closure shops.Amsterdam in 1916. Protest against the closing of barber shops on Sundays. Look at the name of that store at number 35: The Gentlemen’s Toilet Club. Fancy name! Click on the picture to enlarge it.


Holland, Amsterdam, Year 1916. Old Church Square.Amsterdam in 1916. This picture was taken on the Oudekerksplein (Old Church Square) in the heart of the Red Light District. These crooked houses are one of the oldest ones in town and are still here this very day. The house left of that man is nowadays filled with a few window brothels. During our tours through the Red Light District we can show you these beautiful buildings. Amazing piece of architecture, this is! Photographer unknown.


Amsterdam, Leidse Square, year 1916. Little girl gives money to scroungerAmsterdam in 1916. A small girl gives money to a beggar on Leidse Square, in front of the fashion store Hirsch. Photographer unknown.

Source: Geheugen van Nederland & Spaarnestad Photo

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