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Amsterdam Safety Rating: Number Six In Global Ranking

Posted on: Oktober 19, 2017

Amsterdam Safety Rating Among Top In The World

The Amsterdam Safety Rating One Of The Highest In The World

Major capitals aren’t by definition unsafe and thanks to The Economist we now have a list of the safest cities in the world. Most noteworthy, Amsterdam is in place six of the safest cities in the world. Curious about the safest city in the world, and want to know where you should probably not walk the streets? Find out what the Amsterdam safety rating was based on below.

Yearly Safety Rating Done By The Economist

The Economist has compiled a list of the safest and unsafe cities in the world, the list was made by using 49 different indicators. It looked at personal safety, digital security, health safety and the quality of infrastructure. When it comes to personal security, you should think of terrorism and crime together with other types of violence. Similarly, digital security mainly deals with preparedness against cyber attacks. For health security they looked at access to healthcare, hospitals and first aid. With secure infrastructure the looked at the quality of the roads, buildings and bridges.

Amsterdam Safety Rating of the World

Japan Has The Most Safe Cities

The safest city in the world is Tokyo in Japan with 89.8 points followed by Singapore with a rating of 89,64. After Singapore we find the Japanese city, Osaka, in third, with a rating of 88.87. Amsterdam safety rating is 87.26 points. The city ends up between Melbourne and Sydney at the sixth spot. Last we find Karachi, located in Pakistan. Karachi was named to most unsafe city with just 38.77 points. Karachi had around 21,242,625 inhabitants in 2011, making it one of the largest cities in the world.

Most Safe Cities In The World according to The Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2017

  1. Tokio –  Japan
  2. Singapore
  3. Osaka –  Japan
  4. Toronto –  Canada
  5. Melbourne –  Australia 
  6. Amsterdam –  Netherlands
  7. Sydney – Australia
  8. Stockholm –  Sweden
  9. Hong Kong –  China
  10. Zurich –  Switzerland

Netherlands Amsterdam Safety Rating World

How safe is Amsterdam?

Very safe! It ranks in the top 6 safest cities in the world. There is a very low crime rate and strict laws against drugs and violence. Amsterdam is also small enough that you can easily walk or bike anywhere you need to go. The only time you might need to be careful is when you’re out at night, as there are areas of the city that can be unsafe. However, as long as you stay in well-lit areas and don’t wander off the beaten path, you should be fine. So overall, Amsterdam is a very safe city to visit.

Most Unsafe Cities In The World According To The Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2017

And these are the unsafest cities in the world…

  1. Karachi –  Pakistan
  2. Yangon/ Rangoon –  Birma 
  3. Dhaka –  Bangladesh
  4. Jakarta –  Indonesia
  5. Ho Chi Minh City –  Vietnam
  6. Manila –  Philippines
  7. Caracas –  Venezuela
  8. Quito –  Ecuador
  9. Teheran –  Iran
  10. Cairo –  Egypt


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