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Best Terraces In Amsterdam With The Most Sun

Posted on: Oktober 18, 2017

Best terraces in Amsterdam

(Last updated: 2 December 2020)

25 Best Terraces In Amsterdam For Sun Lovers

Nothing beats hanging out at one of Amsterdam’s many terraces. And with a jacket on, it can also be done outside of the summer season. What follows are the best terraces in Amsterdam, with the most sun throughout the day, according to Dutch newspaper Het Parool.

Best Terraces in Amsterdam North

Amsterdam North has terraces by the waterfront and it still has plenty of open space. In North one can do some great sunbathing. For example, at Hangar and at de Ceuvel. Both have a Industrial design and everything well assembled. Another great spot for some early or late summer time chilling is Pllek? Pllek’s beach will have you in a heat wave in early March!

Best terraces in Amsterdam
The beach at Pllek in Amsterdam North.

Best Terraces in Amsterdam East

This part of Amsterdam has many roof terraces like: Nest und Badplaats van het Volkshotel (bathing terrace). But you also have some nice places below sea level in the Eastern part of Amsterdam like Elsa’s und de Vergulde Eenhoorn, where even a watery sun is pleasant.

Best Terraces in Amsterdam South

At Gent aan de Schinkel you can sit with a blanket on the terrace as the sun shines. If you find that place too noisy, you can cycle on towards the Blue Tea House in the Vondelpark. Don’t feel like doing self-service? Then go to the beer terrace Vondelpark3.

Het Bosch located on the waterfront of de Nieuwe Meer will provide you with plenty of sunshine, but you’ll need a windjacket.

Best terraces in Amsterdam
The Blue Thee House located in the center of the Vondelpark.

Best Terraces in Amsterdam West

In West, Rooftop terraces have also become a normal sight. At Floor17 you’ll sit like a royal in a beanbag slurping a cocktail. A more fashionable audience can be found at Radijs at the Admiralengracht. And, of course, the Westerpark is a wonderful place for some careful sunbathing; at Pacific Park und Ton Ton Club West you’ll be in the sun for a long time.

Best Terraces in Amsterdam City Centre

Where do you find a terrace in the center that isn’t very touristy? We would like to be in: Hanneke’s Boom und Roest though they are on the edges of the center of Amsterdam. For some real center terrace action we’d advice the Soundgarden. The terrace is on the side of the Lijnbaansgracht, not far from the ‘tropical’ waterfront terrace. Nice and quit is the terrace of Pension Homeland, which received five stars from a reviewer of the Parool.

Best Terraces in Red Light District

De Wallen or Red Light District is also located in the city centre of Amsterdam. This is the oldest and most beautiful part of the city. The terraces on the a square which is named the Nieuwmarkt, have surprisingly long sunshine, lots of cafes and really great for people watching. During our tours we’ll walk here too.

Best terraces in Amsterdam
The Nieuwmarkt in the center of Amsterdam. Picture by: Roeland Koning

Best Terraces In Amsterdam New West

At Hotel Buiten, on the north side of the Sloterplas, You’ll see the sun disappear in the water of the Sloterplas. And it’s a bicycle ride, but at Het Rijk van de Keizer you’ll sit heavenly in the meadow at the edge of the city. Close to Sloterdijk, Bret’s roof also is quite nice to bath in the sun.

Best Terraces In Amsterdam’s Southeast

There aren’t that many nice terraces in the Southeast part of Amsterdam, but at Oma Ietje at the Heesterveld, you can sit well. Here you can enjoy tasty sandwiches and salads and they also serve a nice seasonal beer. A little further away, at the Gaasperplas, is Boerderij Langerlust, an idyllic spot in the middle of the greens.


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