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11 First Date Tips For When You're Going Out With Someone In Amsterdam

Posted on: Januar 14, 2024

date tips

Preparing For A First Date: 11x Amsterdam Date Tips

You’ve met someone nice via a dating site. You have been exchanging messages and now it is time for the next step: a first date. How exciting! But of course you don’t want to show that you’re insecure.

If you don’t want to appear too nervous, it’s smart to prepare properly for your first date. You don’t want things to get awkward during the date, do you? You just need some good date tips. Discover below!



dating tips

This article offers the solution! 10 super useful date tips which you can use in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world. Discover it all below!

amsterdam dating
Fun to do during a date in Amsterdam: Search for a nice romantic spot, bring some drinks and have a talk.

11 First Date Tips For Men And Women

1 | Be prepared

One of the best date tips is to be well prepared. You have already taken the first good step by reading this article.

love locks

Make sure you are well rested on day of your first date. You don’t want to take the stress of work or travel with you during the date. You have to stay focused, so rest well.

Also, make sure you pay extra attention to your appearance: take a bath, take a long shower, shave, trim your nails and use some care products like day cream. If you look good you will feel better too. You radiate that and yes, your date will see that too!

2 | Wear nice clothes

dating amsterdam english

Think carefully about which clothes you want to wear. Don’t wear old clothes, choose new, attractive clothes. In addition, it is very important that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Don’t buy clothes for your date, buy clothes that you like.

Clothing tells a lot about your identity, and your date will remember that. If you’re not going to buy new clothes, at least make sure it’s washed and ironed.

3 | Choose a good location

amsterdam date tips
 Date tips: Canal cruise in Amsterdamer Rotlichtviertel.

Do you want to prepare well for a first date? Then choose a nice location in Amsterdam! A good date location is not the same for everyone. A nice café or restaurant is always good but it’s not a super original idea. It can be noisy and challenging if the talking does not go smoothly. In that case you can also do something together. How about taking a canal cruise? Or you could visit a cinema (if you are a bit shy or nervous), but you can also do something.

Do you like photography? Then you could try the Eye Museum in Amsterdam! Are you a sporty person? Then you could rent some bikes and explore the city, or take a salsa lesson.

amsterdam by bike

Also fun to do during a first date: Take an Amsterdam tour. It’s an original, educational & healthy activity. An additional advantage is that afterwards you have enough to talk about.

4 | Do not exaggerate

amsterdam terrace
Going for a drink at a sunny terrace is always a safe choose. Make sure to check the weather forecast though.

Since you’re dating a stranger it might be a good idea to not overdo it. We don’t want to be too negative, but your first date doesn’t have to take the whole day or the whole evening – what if there isn’t a match?

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Make your first date nice and short, and agree on this in advance. If it is great fun, you can always decide at that time to spend more time together. By determining the duration in advance, you also control the expectations.

Good dating advice is not just about tricks or smooth phrases, but about the underlying principles that make you a more attractive person.

5 | Make clear agreements

rembrandt square
To-do-tip: Visit Pathe Tuchinski in Amsterdam. A beautiful, historical cinema.

Make clear agreements about the location and time in advance. You don’t want to keep waiting at the wrong restaurant, cinema, museum or park.

Also do not make vage appointments like “around 2 pm” or “4-ish”. That might cause discomfort and irritation, so make sure it is crystal clear where and when your date starts.

6 | Do some research

amsterdam dating culture

You don’t want to come across as a stalker, but doing a little research is never wrong. Immerse yourself in the interests and work of your date. This way you know what you can talk about during the date. It also saves discomfort if he or she starts talking about a job or a hobby that you have really never heard of.

One of the better date tips during a first date: Don’t overdo it and bring things smoothly during the date. For example: “On one of your social media pictures, I saw that you were playing tennis. Is this something you often do?” Do not say: “I know you like tennis.” That just sounds creepy!

In terms of research. Think upfront if you need a hotel in Amsterdam. If so, how much are you willing to spend on an accommodation. Don’t want to spend more than 100 euro per night? Then check out the 10 best cheap hotels in Amsterdam.

7 | Think about the way of greeting

date tips in Amsterdam

Pre-corona it was normal for men and women in the Netherlands to greet each other with three kisses. That’s quite different as other countries.

Today it is normal to just wave or do an elbow greeting. Greeting someone can be awkward due to miscommunication. So think about the way you are going to greet your date.

Our date tip: announce your choice. Say for example: “Nice to meet you, I’m just going wave because that’s safest!” This will avoid that awkward moment when you may both make different greeting choices.

8 | Prepare questions

date tips for guys

This is definitely one of the best date tips out there. You’ve already talked to each other via a chat but in real life it may be more difficult to keep a conversation going. Therefore, prepare some questions in advance. Questions about hobbies, travelling, the weather or sports are always good.

Do not about politics on a first date. That is not romantic at all.

Dating tip: Try to ask as many open questions as possible and add your opinion on those answers.

9 | Go to the bathroom beforehand

This might sounds weird but make sure you do “number two” at home. This will decrease the chance that this will happen unexpectedly during your date. You would rather avoid such an inconvenience, right?

10 | Remember his/her name

amsterdam date tips
Dating tip: Repeat his / her name to make it easier to remember.

One of the most important date tips to remember. It probably won’t be a successful date if you forget the name of your date. It’s important to remember! You don’t want look like a dumb-ass, right?

Date Tipp: when greeting each other, repeat that persons name and ask where the name comes from. Or just repeat the name and say you like it. By doing so you give a compliment and you remember the name better.

11 | Flirt during the date

successful dating tips

Remember, you’re on a date – not a job interview. Relax! You are here together to explore each other. If you like the other person, show it by flirting: Listen carefully, smile, give compliments and look each other into the eyes.

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Do you have any other good date tips? Please share them in the comment section below.


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