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10 Tips For Kings Day In Amsterdam

Posted on: April 25, 2024

10 Tips For Kings Day 2016 In Amsterdam

Top 10 Tips For Kings Day In Amsterdam

On the 27th of April, Amsterdam turns into one giant party to celebrate our Kings birthday. Kings Day is one of the best days of the year. It’s our favourite and also this year it’s gonna be legendary! Discover the best tips for Kings Day in Amsterdam.

For an insightful and comprehensive guide on how to navigate through the festive celebrations of King’s Day in Amsterdam, make sure to check out our detailed Red Light District directions. This map will help you find the best routes and good highlights.

Tip 1: Don’t Mistake The Date!

The date for Kings day Amsterdam is the 27th of April. It might be a good idea to write it down. Some tourists make the mistake of using dates that are mentioned in old tourist books. Those describe the date for Queens Day – showing up completely in orange in Amsterdam on 30th of April.



Tip 2: Check The Weather Forecast

If it rains there will not be enough places to shelter as most of the parties are hosted outside. Taking some extra clothes with you when rain is forecasted is advised. Make sure you check Holland’s best weather forecast site too. It shows any predicted rainfall and is very accurate as well.

Tip 3: Buy Something Orange, Anything!

10 Tips For Kings Day 2016 In Amsterdam
#3 of Tips For Kings Day In Amsterdam: Get yourself an orange outfit!

It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it’s orange! From orange tuxedo’s to orange burkas, anything orange will do!

Tip 4: Avoid Dam Square & Rokin Street in Amsterdam

Having a party with a lot of people is fun. But being able to move is more fun! We recommend avoiding these overcrowded places.

Tip 5: Arrange An Accommodation In Amsterdam

Public transport is a nightmare on Kings Day and taxis are too! Best thing to do is find a room, hotel or Airbnb close to the party that you want to go to.

Tip 6: Buy Your Beers/Drinks The Day Before Kings Day!

Kings Day 2016 Netherlands
#6 of Tips For Kings Day In Amsterdam: Buy your drinks the day before Kings Day.

During Kings day the shelves at the liquor aisle will be mostly empty. You’ll probably only be able to get high percentage craft beer. If you prefer local beers like Hertog Jan, Grolsch, Bavaria, Amstel or Heineken buy it the day before Kings day. At party locations throughout Amsterdam you will only be able to buy watered down beer for a hefty price, possibly combined with long waiting-lines at the bars. Our advice is to buy a couple of six packs, a kilo of ice and a cooling bag. All available at the normal super markets like Albert Heijn, Deen, C1000, Jumbo, etc.

Tip 7: Watch your alcohol intake!

Drinking beer is fun and all, but is it really fun when your completely wasted at two o’clock in the afternoon? You have all day/ evening/ night so take it easy and enjoy all the (party) people, music and scenes. You’ll love it!

Tip 8: Don’t Put Your Valuables Next To The Canals Unsecured

Locals from all over the country come to Amsterdam to party. Some of them throw stuff in the canals – “just for fun”. A harsh reality for bikes and other valuables in Amsterdam.

Tip 9: Kings Day By Boat

Kings Day by boat is the best way to experience this amazing event. But a boat brings with it new problems like traffic jams of boats each blasting out their own music to the max.

10 Best Tips For Kings Day 2016 in Amsterdam

The “vaarwater app” (waterway app) shows all the possible routes. It also comes in handy when you have to find a snackbar or toilet close to the canals.

Tip 10: Don’t Fall Into The Canal!

The last of our 10 tips for Kings Day in Amsterdam might sounds perhaps a bit weird but people have actually died by falling in the canals (mostly during the nighttime). So after a long day of partying watch out where you’re walking.

10 Places To Go in Amsterdam During Kings Day

  1. Jordaan District – Explore the charming streets of Jordaan, where spontaneous street parties and local bands create a festive atmosphere. It’s a great place to experience the traditional Dutch King’s Day vibe.
  2. Vondelpark – Ideal for families, Vondelpark opens up to children for a special “vrijmarkt” (free market), where kids sell toys, perform acts, and play games. It’s a relaxed environment compared to the bustling city center.
  3. Amstel River – Watching the boat parade along the Amstel River is a must. Boats of all sizes and shapes, filled with party-goers in orange, create a lively spectacle on the water.
  4. Museumplein – Often hosting large-scale events with live music and DJs, Museumplein is the place to be for high-energy celebrations and concerts.
  5. Nieuwmarkt – Check out Nieuwmarkt for its bustling scene. The square is known for its food stalls and beer tents, making it a popular gathering spot for both locals and tourists.
  6. Dam Square – Visit Dam Square for some of the biggest public gatherings and performances. It’s central and usually features a variety of entertainment options.
  7. The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes) – Wander through these quaint streets for unique shopping opportunities. The area is famous for its boutique shops, which often have special King’s Day offers and displays.
  8. Rijksmuseum – Take a moment to visit the Rijksmuseum, which usually stays open on King’s Day. Besides its fantastic collection, the area around the museum is filled with activity and street performers.
  9. Rembrandtplein – Known for its nightlife, Rembrandtplein is a hot spot for those looking to continue the celebration into the night with bars and clubs hosting themed parties.
  10. A Local Café or Pub – For a more laid-back King’s Day, consider visiting a local café or pub. Many establishments have special offers and orange-themed decorations, providing a perfect spot to people-watch and enjoy the festive atmosphere.


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