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Missing Dutch Window Prostitute Found After 55 years!

Posted on: February 19, 2016

Missing window prostitute found after 55 years!

Dutch Window Prostitute from Amsterdam found in Canada

The Dutch police missing persons taskforce has found a missing dutch window prostitute who had been missing for over 55 years. Johanna, referred to as Jopie, de Haas went missing from Amsterdam back in 1960, leaving behind her then three-year-old daughter. It turns out that the woman was already deceased since 2010, resting in a Canadian graveyard.

Adoption in a cafe in Amsterdam

Back in the 50’s de Haas made her living working as a Dutch window prostitute at the Amsterdam Red Light District. She gave her daughter, Rosa, up for adoption in a cafe just weeks after giving birth to her. Rosa’s stepmom was working behind the bar in that cafe. In 2009 Rosa called on the Dutch television show “Vermist” (Missing) to help find her lost mother. Back then all the signs were pointing towards de Haas having migrated to North America. The television show Missing spent most of its time searching the United States yielding no results.

Cooperation with Canadian Police

The breakthrough in the case came back in December 2015. The Dutch missing persons taskforce found traces of de Haas on the internet. Working jointly with the Royal Canadian mounted police, better known as the Mounties, they discovered that the dutch window prostitute had been living in Canada under the name of Johanna Dehaas. Sadly, she died five years before anybody from the Netherlands could find her. She lays buried at a cemetery on Vancouver Island. Directly after finding out about her mother Rosa released the news to the public. Follow-up research of the grave has finally proven conclusively that the grave belongs to Johanna de Haas.

According to the Dutch authorities daughter Rosa has already visited Canada. There she found her younger half- brother and two sisters, all coming from Johanna’s marriage to a Canadian man.

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  1. Brian Livingston says:

    My grandpa is a haas and he got a letter from fbi looking for jopie in the 1980s

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