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No Better Red Light District Amsterdam Tours Than Ours

Posted on: Dezember 1, 2017

Red Light District Amsterdam Tours

(last updated on May 6, 2020)

The Best Rated Red Light District Amsterdam Tours

Our tour company has been doing Red Light District Amsterdam tours since 2014. Through the years we’ve built up an unbeatable expertise on this most infamous and oldest part of Amsterdam. And that knowledge hasn’t gone unnoticed: our tours have been featured on media channels such as: Fox News, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Metro, Yahoo, The Post Internazionale, Twin Doctors TV, Holiday Extra Travel Guides, The Culture Trip, Parool, BNN and World Travel Guide.

Yahoo and Fox News even listed our tours as some of the wackiest tours in the world!

Best tours in Amsterdam
Red Light District walking tours during the evening.

Why Should You Book Your Red Light District Amsterdam Tours With Us?

Providing the most accurate information about the Red Light District and Dutch culture is the core of our business. We don’t just do this with our tours, we also do it via this online platform. Furthermore we are the only tour company which regularly publishes interviews with active and retired sex-workers. We do this to give people an idea of the personal views of those who normally get drowned out in debates about sex work. We also publish the latest news articles about sex work, drugs, history, politics, technology and other interesting things in the Netherlands. This way people from abroad can stay up-to-date.

On top of all this we also provide overviews on all the best cafes, coffeeshops, restaurants, hotels, museums, clubs and interesting shops in the district. On our FAQ page we also answer all the general questions about the Red Light District. If you have any questions you can always contact us via the Whatsapp contact button located on the right side of your screen.

Red Light District Amsterdam Tour ArchitectureArchitecture in the Red Light District.

Highlights During Our Red Light District Amsterdam Tours

First Condom Shop In The World – Female sex workers – Red and blue-lit window brothels – Amsterdam history – Latin-American sex worker corner  – Transgender sex workers – Hallucinogenic mushroom shop – Street art – Window brothels in narrow alleys – Amsterdam’s last peep show – Chinatown – Coffeeshops  – Historic architecture – The Old Church – And much more during our Red Light District Amsterdam tours…

We Offer The Greatest Variety In Tours

We have the largest variety in Red Light District Amsterdam tours. Our regular und exclusive walking tours are already the highest rated Red Light District tours on Tripadvisor, but we offer even more specialised tours. Take our Amsterdam Audio Tour app for instance. This app lets you explore Amsterdam’s Red Light District on your own with an impressive 22 experts explaining the rich history and culture of this area.

Another niche tour that we offer is the Amsterdam Drugs Tour. During this tour an experienced guide will tell you everything there is to know about legal and illegal drugs in Amsterdam. Hear how drugs have influenced Amsterdam culture. This tour also goes through a significant part of the Red Light District area. Last but not least our Amsterdam History Tour. This  tour gives you a great understanding of the city’s history, culture and influence, a great starter for your visit to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Audio Tour
Our Amsterdam Audio Tour App. 

What Do Guests Say About Our Red Light District Amsterdam Tours?

“There are some tours in life you don’t forget and this is one of them.”

“Take this tour. Despite what you may think, it’s fascinating and provides great insight into the political and social views of the city of Amsterdam.”

“We took a walking tour of the red light district with Mark and can’t say enough positive things about the experience. It made for a genuinely educational experience in a unique neighbourhood of Amsterdam.”

“This was such a fun tour. Our guide had lots of good information and was very open and informative about himself and his fiancé who works in the red light district.”

“Take the tour… you will be so glad that you did! While visiting Amsterdam, my husband and I thought about walking the area ourselves, but we would have missed so much.”

“This was a fantastic tour. Martjin was our guide and he was incredible I loved his insight his humour and his honesty. I would recommend this tour to anyone. Martjin really opened our eyes to the many aspects of the city.”

More reviews on Tripadvisor

Red Light District Amsterdam Tours Old Church
Window brothels located right next to the oldest Church in Amsterdam.

If you have any questions about our Red Light District Amsterdam tours, please feel free to contact us via the Whatsapp button on the right side of your screen or send us an email.

Other who read this article about our Red Light District Amsterdam tours also read: Interview With A Dutch Prostitute From Amsterdam und An Interview With A Brothel Owner In Amsterdam.

1 Responses to No Better Red Light District Amsterdam Tours Than Ours

  1. KhattakUS sagt:

    Honestly I did not expect much of this tour except a wolk around the RLD, but I was totally wrong. Martijn was such a great guide and he showed me around the red light district in a comfortable, informative and very entertaining way. His knowledge of history was impressive and I felt that he really loves to educate and entertain his clients at the same time. I highly recommend this tour to everyone who visit Amsterdam. Thank you Martijn for your stories and your positive and enthusiastic attitude during the whole tour.
    Cheers, Shaukat

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