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Pokemon in The Red Light District

Posted on: Juli 14, 2016

Pokemon in Amsterdam Red Light District

News: Pokemon in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

Some while ago we toured around in the old city centre and we spotted Pokemon in the Red Light District of Amsterdam! Matt – our local guide – found out there are some PokeStops (things where you can find Pokemon items) at infamous erotic theater Casa Rosso.

This sex show is 47 years old and really part of Amsterdam Red Light District – it offers sex on stage only inside of course. And this is not the only… The Red Light District is packed with Pokestops.

Pokemon Gyms in Amsterdam

Pokestops in the Red Light District Amsterdam

Matt also noticed that there are 2 gyms (places where users can battle against each other to win Pokemons) in and around the Red Light District. One is at the oldest building of Amsterdam – a highlight during our tours – located in the heart of the Red Light District.

The other one is located on Damm Platzour meeting point location – where you’ll see many Pokemon Trainers catching new Pokemons.  The other one is located in front of a 47-year old sex theatre (pink elephant logo). The spot of this Pokemon in the Red Light District is surrounded by window brothels, prostitutes, Sexshops, bars and a strip club.

Smart Phone Use in Red Light District of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District Pokemon Pokestops

Good to know!

The prostitutes in the Red Light District don’t want to be photographed – it’s advised to use your mobile phone only here accompanied by a local experts. The ladies in the windows can get very angry when they think they are photographed. In the Red Light District it’s considered very impolite and disrespectful when someone takes pictures of sex workers.

Photographing prostitutes is not allowed

The narrow streets in Amsterdam’s Red Light District make it difficult to use a smart phone without a prostitute thinking she is being photographed. It has happened before that cameras and mobile phones were smashed on the street or into the canal by the sex workers. Pokemon users need to very careful here!

How to find Pokemon in the Red Light District

When our local expert Matt was walking in the Red Light District he noticed that there are a lot of Water-Type Pokemon. This is probably because of all the canals that the Red Light District has. All the PokeStops in the Red Light District are often sights we visit during our Red Light District Tours.

Pink Elephant

Pokemon in the Red Light District Amsterdam
The Pink Elephant in the Red Light District is a PokeStop.

This place of this Pokemon in Amsterdam Red Light District can be recognized by the elephant logo. But it must be said that it can be quite challenging to find the right location as there several elephant logos in this area.

Pokemon and Canals in Amsterdam

Pokemon Amsterdam Canals Red Light District

Furthermore, the PokeStops are located next to one of the canals in Amsterdam. Pokemon fans are advised to be careful not to walk into the canal, because there are no railings next to these canals. Also, the water is quite dirty and cold – one can quickly be undercooled resulting in hypothermia.


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