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10x Unusual Museums In Amsterdam

Posted on: August 29, 2018
Unusual museums in Amsterdam Kattenkabinet

10x Unusual Museums In AmsterdamTable of Contents10x Unusual Museums In Amsterdam1 | KattenkabinetPrices2 | Torture Museum Amsterdam3 | Amsterdam Pipe Museum4 | Museum Vrolik5 | Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum6 | House Boat Museum7 | Museum Of Bags And Purses8 | Our Lord In The Attic9 | Museum Tot Zover / Funeral Museum10 | Electric […]

Could Amsterdam Drug Dealers Soon Face The Dutch Tax Authorities?

Posted on: August 24, 2018
Amsterdam Drug Dealers

Will A Tax Levy On Amsterdam Drug Dealers Scare Them Off?Table of ContentsWill A Tax Levy On Amsterdam Drug Dealers Scare Them Off?1600 Amsterdam Drug Dealers Roam The StreetsWill the Dutch tax authorities levy 1600 Amsterdam street dealers?Abuse Of Taxing PowersNo More Party TouristsAbout The Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) in Holland The tax authorities must […]

13 Amsterdam Red Light District Facts

Posted on: August 23, 2018
Red Light District Facts Window Brothels

13x Amsterdam Red Light District FactsTable of Contents13x Amsterdam Red Light District Facts1 | Sex workers have high debts because of high rental costs2 | Sex workers in the Red Light District do not earn much3 | Sex workers have to accept every customer4 | Sex workers earn just 50 euros or less per customer5 […]

Sex Worker Exhibition Amsterdam In The Old Church

Posted on: Juli 20, 2018
Sex Worker Exhibition Amsterdam in the Old Church

The sex worker exhibition Amsterdam is a creation of Mariska Majoor and her daughter Robin and can be seen from the 21st until the 29th of July, 2018. It’s open on all days. It’s accessible free of charge through the coffee bar of the Old Church. We did a short interview with former sex worker […]

Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour In Dutch Press

Posted on: Juli 18, 2018

Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour In The News Dutch media has reported on our Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour. The reason for all the attention is the launch of our new application: Amsterdam Audio Tours. This is the only app that offers an audio tour with 22 experts in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. […]

Amsterdam Audio Tours: Explore Red Light District With 22 Experts In Your Pocket

Posted on: Mai 14, 2020
Amsterdam Audio Tours App

Amsterdam Audio Tours AppTable of ContentsAmsterdam Audio Tours App1 | How It All started2 | Virtual Guide & 22 Experts3 | Get Educated By Real Experts4 | Benefits of Amsterdam Audio Tours App5 | Highlights6 | Immersive Audio Tour With Real Experts7 | Download App Become an Amsterdam connoisseur today! From home or in the […]

Drug Consultant August de Loor Awarded With Dutch Medal

Posted on: Juni 5, 2018
August De Loor Amsterdam Hard Drug Consultant

Amsterdam Drug Consultant August de Loor Gets A Medal August de Loor started his work on drugs and drug use in the early 1970’s. He was one of the co-founders of the ‘junkie union’ Medical Service Heroine Users (MDHG), the first interest group in the Netherlands by and for hard drugs addicts. Instead of referring heroin users, the […]

10 Questions For Amsterdam Historian Russell Shorto

Posted on: Juni 3, 2018
Russell Shorto Amsterdam History

Interview With Russell ShortoTable of ContentsInterview With Russell ShortoRussell Shorto BioAmsterdam HistoryDutch CultureDutch Golden AgeAmsterdam To New YorkThe American RevolutionAmsterdam Future Prediction Russell Shorto Bio Russell Shorto is an American writer, historian and journalist who’s best known for his book Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City and his book on the Dutch origins of New […]

An Interview With Dr. Kate Lister From Whores Of Yore

Posted on: Mai 31, 2018
Whores of Yore - Dr Kate Lister

dr. Kate Lister from Whores of Yore. Picture source: Leeds Trinity University Whores of Yore Expert About Sex WorkTable of ContentsWhores of Yore Expert About Sex WorkSex History And EducationWhores of YoreYou now have over 160.000 followers on Twitter. Which subjects are the most popular on the account?Sex Work ResearchSexual Education For The YouthSex Work […]

An Interview With the Owner of FEBO Netherlands: Dennis Borst

Posted on: Mai 18, 2018
Febo Netherlands Managing Director Dennis de Borst

FEBO Netherlands: Typical Dutch Food Out Of A WallTable of ContentsFEBO Netherlands: Typical Dutch Food Out Of A Wall10 Questions For The CEO of FEBO Netherlands1 | How would you describe the FEBO to foreigners?2 | The “kroket” is an original Dutch snack. What are its ingredients?3 | What was the favourite FEBO snack of […]