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6 Best Strains of Weed in Amsterdam

Posted on: Juli 5, 2023

Young man on the streets of Amsterdam surrounded by smoke of weed.

All Weed Strains in Amsterdam

In the winding streets and along the bustling canals of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, between the dazzling architecture and vibrant culture, an irresistible scent lurks. The smell of freedom, of relaxation, of – yes, you guessed it – Amsterdam weed. This city has a reputation that precedes it when it comes to green delights. Today we take you on a leisurely tour of the most famous coffeeshops and some of the best strains Amsterdam has to offer.

White Widow

One of the first stops on this fragrant route is of course the world famous Coffeeshop Bulldog. Established in 1975 in a former police station, Bulldog was the first coffee shop in Amsterdam and has been a monument to the liberal Dutch attitude towards weed ever since. Here you can enjoy ‘White Widow’, a type of weed known for its strong, pleasant effect and its distinctive resinous, sweet taste.

Super Silver Haze

Steps away from the Bulldog is the equally iconic Greenhouse. Loved by locals and international celebrities alike, this coffee shop offers a wide range of cannabis seeds under its namesake brand, as well as the classic ‘Super Silver Haze’, a three-time winner of the High Times Cup. This Sativa-dominant strain has a pleasant citrus flavor and offers an uplifting and energetic feeling.

Northern Lights

For those who prefer something more relaxing, ‘Northern Lights’ is one of the most popular Indica strains. This cannabis strain, with an irresistibly sweet and spicy taste, is offered by Barney’s Coffeeshop, another must-visit destination in the capital. A place where you can enjoy your ‘Northern Lights’ while relaxing in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Also use the Futurola joint roller while you’re there. With this handy roller you will have a joint to be proud of in no time. Even if you don’t have any experience rolling joints.


Another world famous coffee shop that deserves a mention is Dampkring. Known from the movie ‘Ocean’s Twelve’, Dampkring offers ‘AK-47’, a complex strain with a sweet, floral flavor and a long-lasting cerebral high. A real taste of Amsterdam!


The route continues towards the ‘Grey Area’, a small but popular establishment loved by locals and visitors alike. Their ‘Gelato’ is a must-try, with flavors reminiscent of sweet Italian ice cream and tropical fruits. A wonderful choice for a sunny afternoon on the canals.

Amnesia Haze

While White Widow is undoubtedly the most smoked weed in Amsterdam and perhaps the whole world, we should also mention the number two. That’s why we close with ‘Amnesia Haze’, available at Coffeeshop Amnesia. Awarded with numerous awards, this strain offers a complex palette of flavors, from lemon to musk, and is known for its strong, euphoric effect.

Exploring Amsterdam’s Red Light District through the lens of its weed and coffee shops reveals a vibrant, diverse and unique culture. Weed is not just a product here, but a connecting factor, a way to bring people together and build bridges between different cultures. So, whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just curious about the world of Amsterdam weed, the city welcomes you with open arms and a burning joint. What are you waiting for? It’s time to see Amsterdam in a whole new light!

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