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Amsterdammer Finds Drunk British Lad In His Own Bed

Posted on: März 12, 2016

Amsterdammer Finds Drunk British Lad in His Own Bed

Drunk British Lad: “I thought it was my hotel room”

An occupant of a flat on the “Oetgensstraat” in Amsterdam-East was quite surprised last night when he unexpectedly found an unknown man in his bed.

xThe man was a drunk British lad who had climbed through the open window of his first floor apartment. “At first I thought, what the hell did I do this time? Until I realised that I didn’t know this man at all “, says the resident to the local news channel AT5. “The British guy woke up and thought he was in a hotel room.”

Drunk Brit Wakes Up In Unkown Flat
Source: AT5.nl

Finally the resident decided to call the police. “Police officers have called several Hotels, eventually they decided to just take him with them.

The drunk British lad stated that he visited Amsterdam with a group of colleagues, but he had lost his phone. He has tried contacting them via Facebook, but without succes. ”

Drunk Brit Wakes Up in Unkown Amsterdam Flat
Source: AT5

The police officers advised the resident – who lives on the first floor – to keep the windows closed from now on.

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5 Responses to Amsterdammer Finds Drunk British Lad In His Own Bed

  1. Matty M. sagt:

    Ha! Had to be British.

  2. Cami sagt:

    ha ha ha waahahaha lmao ”Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and he’s still there!” haha

  3. Gary Pulford sagt:


  4. Etta sagt:

    That inghtis’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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