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Amsterdam is the world’s second best city to visit in 2013!

Posted on: Oktober 21, 2012

Amsterdam Best City To Visit

Lonely Planet loves Amsterdam

“Lots of birthday cake,” writes the leading travel guide Lonely Planet in its recommendation for next year to visit Amsterdam. Number two on the list of favorite destinations in 2013, behind San Francisco (USA).

Amsterdam Second Best City to Visit in the World

The four hundred year old canals, the fortieth anniversary of the Van Gogh Museum, the “Concertgebouw Orchestra” which will celebrate its 125th anniversary, Artis that blows out 175 of candles and the Rijksmuseum that well re-open its doors. ‘The party ramps up big-time, “summarizes the editors of Lonely Planet Amsterdam Jubilee year.


In a brief explanation of the election, the main attractions are being described: the Red Light District, the Anne Frank House, the canals. But Lonely Planet also retraces the introduction of the weedpass for coffeeshops. ‘Amsterdammers were against. They said the new rules will only make thing more worse. The illegal dealing will increase by introducing this pass.

Update: Eventually, the weedpass was never introduced in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Food Tip: Brine meat and pea soup

Lonely Planet would advice all tourist the following: Try the salted meat, or buy a “broodje halfom“. “For the winter months, a bowl of pea soup is recommended or croquettes from Van Dobben: “They rule the town. And they are a must after a night of party in the city”.

Amsterdam Marketing agency responded this morning and welcomed the election. “It’s great to see that our efforts to bring our jubilee to international attention, resulted to this.

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