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Coffeeshop Voyagers

Posted on: August 8, 2014

Coffeeshop Voyagers Amsterdam Entrance

Coffeeshop Voyagers In Amsterdam Offers The Best Of Both World’s.

A coffeeshop and hotel in one, with an amazing view of Amsterdam’s Red Light District! This is definitely a (cannabis) coffeeshop which we would recommend. This coffeeshop has one of the best views in the Red Light District, as it is surrounded by beautiful buildings and it sits on a corner. It’s located between two canals and several narrow streets. Coffeeshop Voyagers is a people watchers paradise!

Coffeeshop Voyagers Amsterdam
Cool logo!

Another reason why coffeeshop Voyagers is so great is that it’s located in front of Amsterdam’s Central Station. It takes just two minutes to get here from the station.

Coffeeshop Voyagers Amsterdam Weed
Here’s some quality weed from Voyagers. 

Have you been to coffeeshop Voyagers before? Let the world know how it was, by posting a review in the comment section below.

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4 Responses to Coffeeshop Voyagers

  1. Lenny Tyson sagt:

    ❤️ the place

  2. Joris sagt:

    Always first stop in Dam

  3. Silvia sagt:

    I love Voyagers and the hotel!

  4. James sagt:

    Love voyagers personally heard allot people say some bad shit but I never experienced any of it.

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