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Coffeeshop Abraxas

Posted on: April 30, 2023

Coffeeshop Abraxas Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Abraxas in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Abraxas has long been regarded as one of Amsterdam’s finest coffeeshops. Located on Jonge Roelensteeg, a small alleyway linking the main shopping street Kalverstraat with Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, the shop offers a varied and quality smokers’s menur as well as goodies like ready-to-smoke joints, space cakes and herbal beverages.


The coffeeshop Abraxas sells a big variety of weed and hasj. The weed menu looks like this: White Widow, Juicy Fruit, Apple Jack, Amnesia Haze, Bubba Kush, Skunk, Hawaiian Haze and cheese. The weed menu contains: Red Libanon, Super pollen, Himalaya, Ketama, Ice and Abraxas Delight. Here you can buy a pre-rolled weed joints from 3.50 Euros. The hasj-joints can be bought from 3 Euro. Obviously, it’s cheaper to buy per gram (0.035 ounce) or even 5 gram. Prices per gram varies between 10 and 15 Euros.

The décor is mystical and atmosphee is really great. Coffeeshop Abraxas has two floors. On the second floor you’ll find some sofas, where you can chillax and roll your joint in peace. They also offer some boardgames, so if you feel like playing chess, just ask the staff.

Amsterdam's coffeeshop Abraxas exterior

Coffeeshop Abraxas has free internet access (and an internet hotspot). Have you visited this place before? Please share your experience with the world, by posting a comment below.

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1 Responses to Coffeeshop Abraxas

  1. Forrest Dubruyne sagt:

    This is my favorite coffeeshop. The weed is great as is the service. It is down an alley, but this isn’t a problem. If you go to Amsterdam, go to Abraxas.

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