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Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre

Posted on: januari 1, 2024

theatre casa rosso amsterdam

Casa Rosso Amsterdam – Famous Sex Show in the Netherlands

Venturing into Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre reveals an underwhelming side of Amsterdam’s famed Red Light District. Often hyped, this average theatre might leave you questioning its reputation. In our latest blog post, we take an unfiltered look at Casa Rosso, from its mundane performances to its lackluster ambiance. Join us as we dissect what really lies behind the curtains of this overrated Amsterdam landmark.

Casa Rossa is 20 euro more expensive than the Moulin Rouge tickets – which is a great sex show further down the road! Casa Rosso tickets cost 60 euro per person. It offers several shows in a total timeframe of 80 minutes, including a couple who have live sex on stage. There are also several single acts to admire. Mainly from strippers.

During the night, several erotic artists perform on stage. It’s one of the few places in Amsterdam, where you can see live sex on stage. Casa Rosso has almost 200 seats inside – all with a (cinema) reddish colour.

famous sex show in amsterdam
Picture of Casa Rosso taken from the front.

Casa Rosso History

It is located on the main street of the Red Light District; the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. Casa Rosso was founded in 1968 and has a special history. It offers impressive live sex shows on stage.

This sex show in Amsterdam was founded in 1969 by Maurits de Vries, a.k.a. Zwarte Joop (Black Joop). He was born in 1935 and experienced the Second World War. During the war, he had to go underground. Maurits fled to the north of Holland, known as Friesland. On a farm in Friesland a peasant woman told Maurits that his name sounded too Jewish. This is how he got the nickname Joop.

Former owner Casa Rosso in Amsterdam: Zwarte Joop
‘Zwarte Joop’ poses with an inflatable elephant. Photo by Ronald Hoeben.

He was one of the pioneers in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. He opened this erotic theatre in the beginning of the sexual revolution. From the 1960’s onwards, people started to discover their sexuality more and more. Something they did more publicly. Especially in Amsterdam, people want to get rid of the dullness of the 1950’s.



The sale of porn magazines increased. In that time there were hardly any porno movies in the Netherlands. For this reason Maurits de Vries decided to open the first sex show in the Netherlands; Casa Rosso. In the early days, live sex on stage wasn’t allowed, even most porn movies weren’t allowed. The local authorities didn’t know for a long time whether Casa Rosso’s business was legal, therefore they tolerated it.

Staff members

Sex Club Casa Rosso Ome Joop

Some staff members were/ are quiet eccentric. This is Joop Staarthof, also known as “Ome Joop” or “Uncle Joop Moustache” who worked at Casa Rosso in Amsterdam for decades. He started in the 1970’s. He did all kinds of things. He assisted all customers to their seats, getting lunch for the staff, helping with reservations, he sold tickets and he also sailed over the canals, dressed in a captain’s suit, to bring people to the sex theater. Joop kept working there even though he reached the age of 88.

For 11 years in a row, he owned the title for having the best moustache in the Netherlands. He even received the international moustache award 4 times.

Casa Rosso During The 1980’s

Casa Rosso in Amsterdam Red Light District. 1 January 1988.
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Casa Rosso, winter of 1988.

In those years, the police often entered Casa Rosso to check if they did everything by the book. However, most entrepreneurs and employees knew what all of the police officers looked like, so they informed everybody in the district when the police were doing a check. Casa Rosso had come up with brilliant method to avoid any trouble with the Dutch authorities. They changed all the hardcore porn movies to erotic cartoon movies. They hid all the real porn movies on the roof of the building.

Back then, Maurits de Vries was also known as a guy who was well connected with the American and Italian criminals. Casa Rosso was funded by an infamous American gangster called Meyer Lansky, according to two reporters who published this article in Dutch newspaper Parool. Mister Lansky was also known as the architect of the American organized crime.

Beautiful old photo of the Casa Rosso in Amsterdam.

In 1983, Maurits de Vries fled to Switzerland, on the advice of a famous Dutch lawyer – Max Moszkowicz. Apparently Maurits de Vries was having trouble with the Dutch justice department and the tax administration. In 1986, de Vries passed away.

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Casa Rosso Theatre Today

These days, Casa Rosso is owned by Jan Otten. He started working there as a doorman but through the years he eventually got promoted to managing director. Later on, he was fortunate enough to be able to buy the place.

Sex Shows in Casa Rosso

casa rosso amsterdam erica and udy

So, this is theatre in Amsterdam where you can experience live sex on stage. It offers eight different acts every night. Exciting stripteases, fun shows and also couples who have sex together, like Erica and Udy. They actually have a relationship and have been working for Casa Rosso for more than 17 years now. They enjoy working together, also because they both have a huge libido. One of the few couples who make money by having sex with each other.

Book Sex Show in Amsterdam

Alle sekswerkers in Casa Rosso are very professional, the staff is friendly and everything is very clean inside. Everything is done with respect here. The erotic shows have a total duration of 60 to 80 minutes, and are of course not for the prudish.

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Review

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Review

casa rosso amsterdam review

sex show in amsterdam review

amsterdam red light live show

Casa Rosso Opening Hours

Casa Rosso Amsterdam is opened 7 days a week between:

  • Monday:        7 PM – 2 AM
  • Tuesday:        7 PM – 2 AM
  • Wednesday:  7 PM – 2 AM
  • Thursday:      7 PM – 2 AM
  • Friday:           7 PM – 3 PM
  • Saturday:       7 PM – 3 PM
  • Sunday:          7 PM – 2 PM

amsterdam red light area

How to get to Casa Rosso in Amsterdam Red Light District?

  • By foot: Its located in the old city centre – on the main street of the Red Light District. It’s a 10 minute walk from Dam, Central Station and just 5 minutes away from Nieuwmarkt.
  • By public transport: The closest metro is at Nieuwmarkt or Central Station. Closest tramstops at Dam Square (Damrak) or Central Station.
  • Taxi: Amsterdam’s Red Light District is a pedestrian-friendly area and cars are not allowed here. Closest point to get (off) a taxi are at Damstraat or Nieuwmarkt.

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Tickets

Want to visit this exciting theatre in Amsterdam? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Shows: Live striptease acts & live sex shows
  • Number of acts: 8
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Seats: 184
  • Drinks: Available at the bar inside
  • Vouchers: Need to be printed (no mobile tickets)
  • Entrance price: 60 Euro per person (no drinks included)



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