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De Wallen
Amsterdam's Nieuwmarkt and the famous Waag


The Nieuwmarkt (New Market Square) is a must-see in Amsterdam!

On the Nieuwmarkt (New Market) you can find the most impressive of Amsterdam’s remaining city gates. In the past, the Nieuwmarkt was called St. Anthony’s Gate and it was built in 1488 but eventually became obsolete. It was then used as a weigh station for merchants. The appartments upstairs were used by local guilds, including the surgeons guild. Every once in a while they would actually dissect a freshly executed criminal, which was open for the public. They also became obsolete and eventually it became the restaurant that it is right now, called “In De Waag“. It’s located on the Nieuwmarkt Square which is full of cafes and bars and also a market of course, true to its name.

An awesome muscle car in front of the Nieuwmarkt (New Market) in Amsterdam.
An American muscle car parked just next to The Nieuwmarkt.

The Nieuwmarkt Square in Amsterdam is where the locals go to

The Nieuwmarkt is very popular among locals. Especially during the weekends. The terraces of the bars on the Nieuwmarkt are always filled with people. And yes, also during the winter! A Dutchman like to sit on terraces… On the Nieuwmarkt there is always something going on: Lot’s of bicycles, lots of people, lots of bars and restaurants. The Nieuwmarkt is definitely one of the best places in Amsterdam to do people watching.

There's always something happening on the New Market in Amsterdam, Netherlands.This is how Nieuwmarkt Square looks like in summer times.

Fun fact: That building on the picture above (The Waag) is the oldest non-religious building of Amsterdam.

How to get to New Market Square in Amsterdam?

  • Metro: Take line 51, 53 or 54 and get out at Nieuwmarkt
  • Trams:  No trams stop here.
  • By foot: It’s a 10 minute walk from Central Station and Dam Square to New Market Square. You could also join our walking tours. Our guides will take you here.

Nieuwmarkt Square in Amsterdam. Also known as New Market Square.

Fun things to do on Nieuwmarkt Square in Amsterdam

  • Go to supermarket Albert Heijn, get yourself something to drink, have a sit on a bench and enjoy the lovely view
  • Visit restaurant In De Waag, claim a seat on the terrace, order a Dutch beer or a real Dutch gin (called “Jenever”) and some bitterballen (A savoury Dutch meat-based snack, typically containing a mixture of beef or veal.
  • Have an ice-cream at Tofani and go people watching.

During our Red Light District Tour, you get to see Nieuwmarkt and the Waag as well. Our local guides will point out which bars and restaurants are most popular among locals. It’s always good to know which places are nice to visit, right? Our guides will also give you a short history lesson about this place.


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