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Sex Operators Will Be Rewarded By Amsterdam Mayor

Posted on: December 24, 2014

Sex operators in Amsterdam will be rewarded by the Mayor.

Lower Penalties For Sex Operators in Amsterdam

Sex operators in Amsterdam get milder punishments after 3 years of good behaviour.

Sex operators in Amsterdam’s Red Light District that properly abide the rules will be rewarded. The rules will become more flexible, just like the rules for catering entrepreneurs, said the Mayor of Amsterdam.

Brothel owners will no longer get a sanction like a fine, in case of minor infringements. This is what Amsterdam’s Mayor Van der Laan wrote in the “Enforcement Strategy of Prostitution Companies”.

de wallen
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

If the council agrees, a leniency scheme will apply from next year on. This milder approach fits into the new policy of the municipality of Amsterdam to reward entrepreneurs with good behavior. In April 2014, Van der Laan said: ‘I’ve noticed that we as a city are much better in thinking what shouldn’t be allowed, than in promoting what is desired. I want to change that!”

Sex operators will not immediately be punished

Amsterdam, Red Light District, Sint Annenstraat.

In Amsterdam’s Red Light District it’s mainly about limiting punishments. Sex operators who haven’t been caught in incidents during the past three years, won’t be punished for a future minor offence.

Currently, sex operators are responsible for the hygiene in a brothel. A brothel owner can be fined when the hygiene is not in order. From next year on, entrepreneurs who’ve been warned before, will receive a “recovery period” within which he or she have to make sure that everything goes by the book. However, all incidents will be registered by the municipality of Amsterdam.

The scheme does not apply to serious offenses. In case of suspected human trafficking, authorities will immediately intervene.


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