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Interview With A Male Prostitute In Amsterdam

Posted on: avril 28, 2014
male prostitute Amsterdam Red Light District

An Interesting Interview With A Male Prostitute Q: So Mark, your first job here in Amsterdam was as an erotic performer in the famous erotic theatre Casa Rosso in the Red Light District. Is that correct? Mark: Yes, it started as an adventure during my holiday here in Amsterdam. My boss was really satisfied with […]

Amsterdam’s Female Prostitutes Are Currently Outnumbered By Male Prostitutes

Posted on: avril 1, 2014
Male prostitute in Amsterdam's Red Light District

Female Window Prostitutes in Amsterdam Outnumbered By Men Shocking news today, which came from an official study done by the municipality of Amsterdam. This is the first time in the history of Amsterdam, that more male prostitutes are active in the red light district than female prostitutes. During our tours we’ve already noticed the increased number of male prostitutes, but […]

Christian Union Wants Minimum Age For Sex With prostitute

Posted on: mars 11, 2014
The Dutch Christian Union: A minimum age for visiting a prostitute

The Dutch Christian Union (CU) would like to have a minimum age for having sex with prostitutes, just as the sale of liquor and cigarettes. If young people have sex with prostitutes they are getting the wrong image of women and their future sex life, therefore the minimum age of a prostitute’s client is required, stated the […]

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam Likely To Buy Out a School

Posted on: mars 6, 2014
Coffeeshops in Amsterdam Likely To Buy Out a School

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam are located too close to a school The distance criterion, which states that coffeeshops in Amsterdam within 250 meters of a school lose their permit, no longer needs to be maintained if there is no school anymore. When the cooperating coffeeshops of Amsterdam decide to continue with this, the municipality will not […]

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Posted on: février 9, 2014
Coffeeshops in the Netherlands

1.5 million tourists visit coffeeshops in Amsterdam Every year 6 million tourists come to Holland’s capital, they come for the canals, the red light district, the master pieces of art, but a quarter of those visitors also come for the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Where coffee is served and marijuana is on the menu. Cannabis in […]

Alcoholics in Amsterdam are being offered free beer to clean the streets

Posted on: janvier 5, 2014
Alcoholics are being paid in beers in Amsterdam.

Alcoholics in Amsterdam are being paid in beers They are playing a constructive role in a community, where they were once dispised… An alcoholic says: “There is a big difference with 1,5 years ago, people do respect us nowadays”. The chronic alcoholics are offered an incentive; five cans a free beer and 10 Euros a […]

An Interview With Former Prostitute Metje Blaak

Posted on: décembre 17, 2013
Interview with ex-prostitute Metje Blaak

The situation of the sex industry in the Netherlands Since when do more prostitutes want to work independently? Women always wanted to work autonomously, but there is an ongoing witch hunt for prostitutes. Whether you had to be aware of pimps, or the local or tax authorities were close on your heels. Something that is bothering the […]

The Dutch Parliament Against Regulating Cannabis Cultivation

Posted on: novembre 28, 2013
cannabis cultivation pots

The Dutch parliament is against regulating cannabis cultivation Tuesday a motion by the SP – a left-wing party – to keep this option open was rejected. Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten stressed Thursday, that all regulation of cannabis cultivation is undesirable for several reasons, and moreover not legally feasible. He also confirmed that under his leadership, […]

Criminalizing prostitution is not a solution

Posted on: juin 1, 2013
Criminalizing prostitution in Amsterdam is not a solution

Young girls who are brought to the Netherlands under false conditions, women who are being exploited for years by pimps, minors who are forced by pimps in prostitution…These abuses in the sex industry should be combated. Though, the question is how. Not by criminalizing prostitution, but by improving the implementation of current policies. In the […]

Prostitution expert: “Most prostitutes work without coercion”

Posted on: mars 12, 2013
Prostitution expert Professor Hendrik Wagenaar

A Dutch prostitution expert: Forget Sweden! According to prostitution expert Hendrik Wagenaar does the overemphasis on human trafficking obstructs a good approach to solve the problems in prostitution. The professor did research on prostitution in different countries and concluded that the policy does not work if the subject is constantly being magnified. “Women become a […]