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Over The Edge Swing on A’DAM Tower

Posted on: août 22, 2016

Over The Edge Swing in Amsterdam

(This article was last updated on the 17th of April, 2018.)

New Over The Edge Swing Thrill Ride In Amsterdam

Amsterdam now boasts Europe’s highest over the edge swing. The over the edge swing let’s you swing over the edge (no surprise there) of the one hundred meter high Lookout! Observation Deck situated on top of the A’DAM Toren (Amsterdam tower). After strenuous testing the over the edge swing was finally accredited. It will start servicing adventurous minded people starting Friday the 26th of August, 2016.

Lookout! Observation Deck

A'dam Tower Lookout Deck Amsterdam

To get to the over the edge swing you first have to go up to the Lookout! Observation Deck. “The Lookout!” alone is worth the trip because of its breathtaking 360 degrees view of Amsterdam. View Amsterdam’s historical centre, Red Light District and port from an angle that few people have! To complement the viewing experience an interactive exhibition about Amsterdam’s rich history and culture has been added.

Amsterdam Over The Edge Swing by Night

History Of A’DAM Toren

Around 1965 the board of directors of Shell, the oil company, decided that the corporation needed a new main office building for the managing board and general services. Because Shell only owned a small plot of land Architect Arthur Staal designed a tall building. The building was in use by Shell as recently as 2009. In 2014 it was reported that the building was acquired by a quartet of investors who all have roots in the Dutch dance scene. A’DAM stands for Amsterdam Dance And Music. A’dam toren is intended to be the homebase for internationally leading creative companies. However because of its long history most people in Amsterdam still call the building “the Shell tower”.

Ticket Prices Over The Edge Swing

Amsterdam Over The Edge Swing

To experience the swing you first have to buy a ticket for the Lookout! Observation Deck. The ticket price for adults is 13,50 euro per person. Per child a ticket costs 7,50 euro. An individual ride on the swing costs 5,- Euro per ride. Lookout is opened every day from 10:00 till 22:00 hours. Last admissions are at 21:00 hours so don’t be late ;).

How To Get To Amsterdam Tower

Getting to A’DAM Toren is relatively easy. There are several ferry docks located behind Amsterdan Central Station. The ferry you need to take is ferry Buiksloterwegveer, number 901. This ferry is in operation 24/7 and is at minimum available 5 times per hour. All ferries in Amsterdam are free to use.

Over The Edge Online Tickets

Get fast-lane entrance tickets for 15 euro, enjoy the most beautiful view of Amsterdam and the highest swing of Europe. 

When you book a 20 minute time slot ticket we advise you to arrive at Lookout! at least 30 minutes before your swing time slot. The Lookout! Observation Deck can’t guarantee a new time slot if you are too late.

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