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Red Light District

DJ’s perform in Red Light District during ADE

Posted on: octobre 13, 2014

Several international DJ's will perform in Amsterdam's Red Light District during the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Legendary DJ’s play a two hour dance set in Amsterdam Red Light District

Dutch festivals, DJs and clubs are worldwide known: the work of pioneers and visionaries. A tribute to the history of the Dutch club culture is being brought during Red Bull Studios PLAY ROOMS. Eight legendary DJs representing four iconic clubs: the mothership RoXy, the kinky iT, the decadent Speedfreax and steaming OWAP.

Infamous club iT in Amsterdam.
Club iT was a club that gained international fame with extravagant parties.

This unique event aims to experience the old school sound and atmosphere with a number of Dutch and international heroes from the dance scene. And this will be done in a very special way!

The DJ’s are going to perform a live set behind the windows brothels. Windows surrounded by red lights, that is. The DJ’s will be playing a two hour set in Amsterdam Red Light District. There will be four windows available in the Red Light District for the DJ’s.

So, this Thursday, the brothels in Red Light District will not just be filled with prostitutes.

In collaboration with Amsterdam Dance Event and “Meubel Stukken“, Red Bull Studios presents PLAY ROOMS on Thursday 16 October 2014 in Holland’s capital. François K et Joost van Bellen represent Club Roxy. Benny Rodrigues et Gomes will dedicate their set to Speedfreax. Todd Terry et Risk Soundsystem will perform on behalf OWAP and iT is illustrated by Roog et DJ Jean.

The infamous club Roxy in Amsterdam used to being very popular among house music lovers.
The Roxy was an infamous club in Amsterdam between 1987 to 1999, which enjoyed an international reputation for his theatrical and glamorous look.

PLAY ROOMS is sold out, but the two-hour sets of the DJ’s will be filmed by multiple cameras. This event in the Red Light District will be live broadcasted. You can easily switch from one to the other room and follow everything that happens in the play rooms.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 (ADE14) in the Red Light District. Final preparations.
The live stream can be followed on redbullstudios.com/playrooms on Thursday, October 16th, 2014. From 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. during the Amsterdam Dance Event. It will be hosted by Miss Bunty and Confettiman.

This event is gonna be legendary, so make sure you don’t miss these DJ’s. Tune in via de link above or visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam on Thursday. Another good reason to check out the Red Light District!


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