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Red Light District

Yab Yum Museum Amsterdam

Posted on: février 16, 2015

Yab Yum Museum in Amsterdam

Yab Yum In Amsterdam

Yab Yum Museum was once a famous and exclusive brothel in Amsterdam with high-class prostitutes and escorts. It was founded in 1978, for rich people. Customers had to thousand of euros to be entertained with a lady. Next to the hourly rate, the sex workers were also rewarded with a commissions on the champagne. Yab Yum was very luxurious, it had a fine interior and was located in the heart of the city. In September 2013, the former brothel was turned into a museum.

Why did Yab Yum close on 4 January 2008?

On 4 January 2008, the luxury sex club Yab Yum closed its doors for the last time. The decision to shut down came after it was revealed that the club might be guilty of criminal activity. According to sources, the club was under investigation for possible money laundering and human trafficking. In addition, there were reports of drugs and alcohol being sold on the premises. While the club was never charged with any crime, the negative publicity surrounding these allegations was enough to cause its closure. In the end, Yab Yum was simply unable to recover from the damage to its reputation.

Red Light District Areas in Amsterdam

Yab Yum Museum Brothel Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam has three Red Light District area’s? The biggest one is just next to Central Station. The other Red Light District’s area located in the south of Amsterdam (Ruysdaelkade) and in the city centre  (Singel street). Most people go the biggest Red Light District, next to Central Station. The other RLD’s are more popular among the locals.

The Yab Yum Museum is situated on the Singel street, just 10 minutes away from Amsterdam’s Dam Square. Not many people know this museum, because it’s a bit hidden and because it’s relatively new.

Amsterdam Famous Brothel Tour
This is how the Yab Yum Museum looks like.

10 reasons for visiting the Yab Yum Museum in Amsterdam:

  • It’s the only former exclusive brothel in town
  • Experience how rich people visited a brothel
  • See the bullet-proof entrance door
  • Join a tour from an ex-employee
  • Go see the STD-room
  • Look around in the most exclusive caviar room
  • Have a seat at the bar inside. This is where customers would choose their lady for the night
  • It’s an hidden museum, which is not in your travel book
  • Walk around in a 17th century building
  • See the special time-slot which was designed to charge the customers

Opening hours Yab Yum Museum

– Wednesdays till Sundays
– Between 11 AM and 18 PM
– Tour former employee Yab Yum: Saturdays & Sundays


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