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Red Light District

Supermarket Albert Heijn

Posted on: octobre 31, 2023

Supermarket Albert Heijn in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

Supermarket Albert Heijn on The New Market

Not many tourists know that there is a normal supermarket in the Red Light District. This supermarket is located on the New Market, in front of The Waag. The locals do their grocery at supermarket Albert Heijn. It’s the biggest supermarket chain in The Netherlands. They always have this blue sign hanging above the entrance, named: Albert Heijn.

This supermarket is pretty small, but it offers everything you want. Wines, beers, bread, cookies, soda’s, cigarets and whatnot.

Supermarket Albert Heijn in the Red Light District Amsterdam.

Supermarket Albert Heijn is surrounded by bars and restaurants. A few meters away of it, you’ll also find coffeeshop Jolly Joker.

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