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Fun To Do: Rent A Boat In Amsterdam!

Posted on: Januar 1, 2024

Rent A Boat In Amsterdam Self Operated

Why You Should Rent A Boat In Amsterdam

It is thanks to the 17th-century canal ring and its spiderweb of canals that weave around the medieval city – that Amsterdam is occasionally referred to as the Venice of the North. It’s a city that must been seen via its old streets but also through its beautiful canals. And what’s a better way to explore Amsterdam by boat yourself? These days you can easily rent a boat in Amsterdam! Or you can of course hop on one of those big tour boats but isn’t it more adventurous and exciting to find your way trough those 4 centuries old canals all by yourself?

Rent A Boat In Amsterdam Yourself

Requirements to Rent A Boat in Amsterdam

It turns out that there aren’t many requirements for visitors who want to rent a boat in Amsterdam. You don’t need a license to steer the boats that are being rented out. No experience is required. You do however have to be 18+ to be able to rent and no more than six persons are allowed per boat. You will get thorough instructions on how to safely operate the electric boat by the rental companies and they will provide you wit a rout map so you don’t get completely lost. They will also give you instructions on the rules of navigation on the canals. An important thing to remember is that the big tour boats always have precedence over you.

Cheap Boat Rental

A three hour boat trip cost 79,- Euro. However we always advice our clients to take the four hour tour (prices are around 99,- Euros) because that makes everything a lot less hasty. Remember, your sailing in a fairly slow electric boat not a powerboat so take into account that things move a little slow.

Fun to do: Rent a boat in Amsterdam

Tip: Make An Online Reservation

Plan your trip well in advance because renting a boat is quite popular, especially on one of those warm summer days! Bookings can be done by phone or online. Most companies offer a rescheduling service if the weather forecast turns out to be really bad so don’t let that hold you back when making up your mind on if your should rent a boat In Amsterdam.

Rent A Boat in Amsterdam Electric

Forget about your carbon footprint for a sweet couple of hours. Most boats these days are equipped with electric motors. Besides not ruining the planet you won’t have to worry about a stinky or noisy engine. Explore Amsterdam noise and smell free, what more could one ask for?

Amsterdam Boat Rental

Tips To Rent A boat In Amsterdam

Food & Beverages

– Before sailing off into the sunset make sure you bring enough snacks and drinks
– A few big bottles of (sparkling) water is recommended.
– Alcohol-free beers (or wines) are a great option for the captain. You or one of your fellow-travellers.

Keeping it cool

– Most supermarkets in Amsterdam like the Albert Heijn supermarket sell cheap cooling bags.
– Most supermarkets also sell ice cubes in kilo bags, a cost-effective and an easy way to keep everything cool for the day.

Alcohol on the canals of Amsterdam

– While everybody on board can drink alcohol the captain of the ship has to remain sober! The police conduct routine checks on the water, so keep that in mind.


– Amsterdam offers public urinals next to canals on many locations. Sadly the city offers no such facilities for the ladies. Luckily all canals are surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Most of them are easy accessible by boat. These places usually charge 50 euro cent to a visit to the restroom, so make sure to bring some change.

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