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Red Light District Facebook Page Provides All The Info You Need

Posted on: November 17, 2017

Red Light District Facebook Page

Our Red Light District Facebook Page

We started our Red Light District Facebook page (the link is on the top right corner of our website) back in 2013. Since then we’ve been providing our friends and followers all the latest news about the legendary district and Amsterdam. Expect the unexpected, and stay up to date about Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the Dutch culture, when you follow our Red Light District Facebook page! 😉

Who let the dogs out!?

Most Active Red Light District Facebook Page

Our Red Light District Facebook page  is the most active page on the web on this particular subject! Expect daily funny, beautiful or special pictures from one of the, in our humble opinion, best cities in the world. But we don’t just provide visual entertainment there, we also tell some great (personal) stories and will provide you with some useful tips for when you visit Amsterdam and the Red Light District!

Red Light District Facebook BrothelThe inside of an Amsterdam window brothel back in the 1950’s

Our Amsterdam Red Light District Facebook Page Also Delves Into History

Because all our tour guides are greatly versed in the history of the Red Light District, and Amsterdam obviously, we will also provide you with great historical insights if you follow us. When did prostitution become fully legalised in Amsterdam? How did prostitution become so accepted in Amsterdam even hundreds of years ago? What did prostitutes wear decades ago? Why do some prostitutes in Amsterdam work in a window?

Find out by following our Amsterdam Red Light District Facebook page (link on the top right corner of this page)!

Our Red Light District Facebook Page and Prostitution

What’s the minimum age for being a prostitute in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? What do the ladies charge for their services here in Amsterdam? Is it mandatory for them to get tested on STD’s? Do the prostitutes own the windows in the Red Light District or do they rent them? Do the sex workers work for themselves or not?

Get all the answers on these and other questions via our tours, our website or follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).

Stay Up To Date On Dutch Drug Policies

If you are interested in typical Dutch drug policies you should also definitely follow us. We also offer Dutch news about drug policies and coffeeshops directly into English so that you are up-to-speed about all current developments in the Netherlands.

Red Light District Facebook Follow
This guy is already following us on Facebook… you should too!

Get Acquainted With Real Dutch Culture

If you want to understand the Dutch culture, we would definitely recommend following us on Facebook. Via our tours, our website and through our social media channels we share everything that you need to know about Amsterdam’s Red Light District. When you understand this part of Dutch society you’ll automatically have a better grasp of Dutch culture and its pragmatism. Follow us and really get to know Amsterdam, “de Wallen” and the Dutch culture!

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