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Amsterdam's Prostitutes Demonstrate Against Sex Doll Brothels

Posted on: April 1, 2018

Protests against Red Light District brothels with sex dolls

Amsterdam’s Prostitutes Demonstrate Against Sex Doll Brothels

Over 200 sex workers and sympathizers are protesting in Amsterdam against the opening of more Red Light District brothels with just real sex dolls. From the Oudekerksplein, located in the heart of the Red Light District, they walked to city hall, to offer the local mayor a petition. Sex doll specific brothels have been popping up all over the Red Light District in Amsterdam. There are already 10 window brothels that only offer so called “real doll” services for male and female customers. 15 more of such window brothels are planned to open next month in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Red Light District brothels with Sex Dolls protest

Amsterdam Red Light District Best Prostitutes

According to TROTS, the Dutch association for sex workers who organise the demonstration, up to 30 sex workers have lost their jobs due to the newly arrived sculpted competition. “Our women simply can’t work 24/7 and won’t do everything that the customers demands.” Red Light District brothels with sex dolls also offer their services at a far lower rate, thus undercutting the sex workers who work in the area. The sex doll brothels can charge less because dolls are cheap to maintain, the brothels don’t need to invest in security measures and they pay lower rents because of lower insurance costs. Because of a loophole in the current Dutch laws, sex doll brothels can also stay open 24/7 whilst the brothels with actual women don’t have this option.

Protest against Amsterdam Red Light District brothels with Sex Dolls
Picture source: ANP

Red Light District Brothels in Amsterdam

“Sexuality should be about human interaction and emotion, not automation and a factory line. Prostitution is an age-old tradition in Amsterdam that started around the Old Church” states TROTS in the petition. “Human prostitution is inextricably linked to the Red Light District, deeply rooted in the social structure of the area and part of the open-mindness of the Dutch. It makes the area a central part of the Amsterdam and Dutch cultural heritage. Throwing that all away in favor of sex dolls and automation would be a disgrace.”

Amsterdam Red Light District Brothels protest march
Picture source: ANP

Amsterdam Brothel Owner With Sex Robots For Women

Eena Pril, a brothel-owner, owns a few Red Light District brothels and recently invested in seven male sex doll robots for her predominately female clients. “I noticed the need for robot-prostitutes when I asked women around me if they’d be interested in this. One can hardly distinguish the difference between robots and real men. The robot-prostitutes perform every given command and understand English, Spanish and Dutch.

Celebrity Robot Prostitutes

Three of the popular sex-robots closely resemble famous male stars Brad Pitt, Leonado di Caprio and Peter André. Their erotic services cost 25 euro per 15 minutes, a fixed price. Eena Pril often gets positive responses from her clients via anonymous Telegram messages, she reads a few: “OMG, Brad was heaven! Finally, a man who gets what I want!” and “I loved it when Peter said that I’m a mysterious girl”


April fools! Or as the Dutch would say it: “1 april, kikker in je bil”. Literally translated: 1 April, a frog in your butt.

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