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Amsterdam Mayor Will Work In Window Brothel

Posted on: April 1, 2021
amsterdam mayor red light district

Amsterdam Mayor To Increase Knowledge About Prostitution The Amsterdam mayor will work in a window brothel for one night to learn more about sex work. Many sex workers believe that the current mayor knows too little about sex work and therefore makes serious mistakes that have a negative impact on sex workers in Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s […]

10x Amsterdam Snow Pictures

Posted on: Februar 8, 2021
does it snow in amsterdam

Does It Snow In Amsterdam? Is something that people often ask. It sure does! These 10 Amsterdam snow pictures show what the Dutch capital looks like when fully snowed. The snow photos below were shot in February 2021 around the Red Light District. It does not snow every winter in the Netherlands. And when it […]

13x Amsterdam Red Light District Laws

Posted on: August 1, 2018
11 Red Light District laws

13x Amsterdam Red Light District LawsTable of Contents13x Amsterdam Red Light District Laws1 | Public Alcohol Ban2 | Street Prostitution Is Illegal3 | Smoking Cannabis Outside4 | Compulsory Identification5 | Amsterdam Window Brothel Opening Hours6 | Littering in Amsterdam is Not Allowed7 | Sleeping In A Car Is Forbidden8 | Prostitution Hotels Are Illegal9 | Red Light […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Netherlands

Posted on: Juni 30, 2016
10 Things You Didn't Know About the Netherlands

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The NetherlandsTable of Contents10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Netherlands1 | 10 things you didn’t know about the Netherlands: the VOC2 | 10 things you didn’t know about The Netherlands: Dutch families adopt WW2 graves3 | 10 things you didn’t know about The Netherlands: Amsterdam’s oldest store4 | […]

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Images

Posted on: April 22, 2020
10 Amsterdam Red Light District Images

Most Popular Amsterdam Red Light District Images On InstagramTable of ContentsMost Popular Amsterdam Red Light District Images On Instagram1 | Old Church Square Amsterdam2 | Coffeeshop The Bulldog First3 | Coffeeshop The Jolly Joker5 | Amsterdam Red Light District Famous Street6 | Casa Rosso Amsterdam7 | Main Street in Amsterdam Red Light District8 | Amsterdam […]

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Jokes

Posted on: Januar 8, 2020

10x Amsterdam Red Light District JokesTable of Contents10x Amsterdam Red Light District Jokes1 | An old man in Amsterdam Red Light District2 | Prostitutes In Airplane3 | Window Brothel4 | Japanese And Sex Worker5 | Women With Children6 | Truck Driver7 | Prostitute Meets Old Man8 | A Stupid Man9 | Nuns in Amsterdam10 | […]

Empty Amsterdam During Corona Lockdown 2021

Posted on: Januar 18, 2021
Amsterdam Corona 2021

Desolate Amsterdam: Video Of A Ghost MetropolisTable of ContentsDesolate Amsterdam: Video Of A Ghost MetropolisDeserted Red Light DistrictCannabis ShopsSex WorkersClosed Sex EstablishmentsEmpty Amsterdam Due To CoronaAmsterdam In Lockdown Video The video at the bottom of this article shows the current situation in Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is in lockdown due to the ongoing corona crisis. […]

Amsterdam Red Light District Update

Posted on: Juni 16, 2020
Amsterdam Red Light District Update

Amsterdam Red Light District Update Latest Amsterdam Red Light District update: From 1 July 2020, sex workers will be allowed to work in the Netherlands again. That was announced by the Prime Minister Rutte on 23 June 2020. That means that all sex shows in Amsterdam, all window brothels, strip clubs, private houses and all […]

‘Bike Through’ Takeaway At Restaurant In De Waag Amsterdam

Posted on: Mai 3, 2020
Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt

Amsterdam Economy Coronavirus Before the corona-crisis, 11% of all jobs in Amsterdam were in tourism and catering. That’s 1 out 9 people. 35.458 people worked in the catering-industry. 12.108 people worked in hostel/hotels. 9.802 people worked in culture and recreation. 4.758 people worked in travel organisations and agency’s. (source: Data Amsterdam ) Normally, Amsterdam attracts 18 […]

Will Amsterdam Window Brothels Continue To Exist?

Posted on: Mai 1, 2020
Amsterdam Red Light District Windows

Empty Amsterdam & Closed Window Brothels After years of profitable tourism, Amsterdam’s Red Light District and its window brothels are now deserted. Is the silence a foreshadowing of an uncertain future for this centuries old vibrant area? Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf asked Cor van Dijk, the chairman of the entrepreneurs who are represented in the business association […]