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Interview With Dutch Cannabis Legend Ben Dronkers 2022

Posted on: januari 15, 2021
Ben Dronkers Sensi Seeds The Netherlands

Ben Dronkers About Cannabis, Weed & HashTable of ContentsBen Dronkers About Cannabis, Weed & HashFull Interview: Weed Entrepreneur Ben Dronkers1 | When did you first come into contact with cannabis?2 | How was the Dutch cannabis culture back then?3 | Fast forward to 1985. What drove you to start Sensi Seeds?4 | You mentioned that […]

10 Penis Facts You Did Not Know About

Posted on: oktober 3, 2021
Penis facts

10 Penis Facts Men & Women Should Know AboutTable of Contents10 Penis Facts Men & Women Should Know AboutPenis Definition1 | Average Penis Size is 13,1 Centimeter2 | A Penis Rarely Breaks, Even Though ‘penile breakage’ Exists3 | Men Get Sleepy From Orgasm4 | Anxiety Keeps The Penis From Getting Stiff5 | A Curved Penis […]

Amsterdam Escorts: Everything You Want To Know!

Posted on: april 30, 2020
amsterdam escorts

Escorts in AmsterdamTable of ContentsEscorts in AmsterdamDefinition EscortProstitution Legislation in the NetherlandsEscort SynonymsUsageMode of OperationWorkplacesStatisticsDifference Escorts & Window ProstitutesEscort Advantages & Disadvantages11 Golden Rules For Escort ClientsProstitute STD’sSTD Statistics NetherlandsHow To Hire An Escort in Amsterdam?Escort PricesReport Crime or Abuse It is not smart to just call the first escort agency you see online. Impulsive […]

Prostitution Policy: 12 Rules For Good Sex Work Legislation

Posted on: april 1, 2022
prostitution policy

12 Rules For A Good Prostitution Policy 1 | Distinguish sex work from human trafficking and keep it that way! Sex work = work. Human trafficking = violence. 2 | Treat sex workers as adult citizens and see them as partners in the fight against human trafficking and other abuses. 3 | Combating violence and improving rights […]

20x Books On The History Of Prostitution

Posted on: april 15, 2020
Books on the history of prostitution

Top 20 Books On The History Of ProstitutionTable of ContentsTop 20 Books On The History Of Prostitution20 Best Prostitution Books You Should ReadHistory of Prostitution In the World1 | A Curious History of Sex2 | Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work3 | Thriving in Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the […]

40 Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam

Posted on: februari 22, 2020
5 Amsterdam Activities Today

40 Fun Things To Do in AmsterdamTable of Contents40 Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam1 | Amsterdam Red Light District Tour2 | Amsterdam Drugs Tour3 | Amsterdam History Tour4 | Amsterdam Brothel Tour5 | Amsterdam Audio Tour Wanna do something fun and learn more about Dutch culture, Amsterdam’s history, legal prostitution & legal drugs? Check […]

Amsterdam Mayor Will Work In Window Brothel

Posted on: april 1, 2021
amsterdam mayor red light district

Amsterdam Mayor To Increase Knowledge About Prostitution The Amsterdam mayor will work in a window brothel for one night to learn more about sex work. Many sex workers believe that the current mayor knows too little about sex work and therefore makes serious mistakes that have a negative impact on sex workers in Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s […]

10x Amsterdam Snow Pictures

Posted on: februari 8, 2021
does it snow in amsterdam

Does It Snow In Amsterdam? Is something that people often ask. It sure does! These 10 Amsterdam snow pictures show what the Dutch capital looks like when fully snowed. The snow photos below were shot in February 2021 around the Red Light District. It does not snow every winter in the Netherlands. And when it […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Netherlands

Posted on: juni 30, 2016
10 Things You Didn't Know About the Netherlands

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The NetherlandsTable of Contents10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Netherlands1 | The VOC2 | Dutch families adopt WW2 graves3 | Amsterdam’s oldest store4 | France and The Netherlands share a border5 | The Dutch flag has a meaning6 | The first time a naked woman appeared on Dutch […]

Hoer: 10 Feiten Die Je Niet Wist

Posted on: januari 2, 2022
a whore on a bed only showing her legs while a client stands in front of her

Whore Wiki: The Definitive Guide 2022Table of ContentsWhore Wiki: The Definitive Guide 2022Definition HookerWhore SynonymsFamous WhoresWhat do you call an expensive whore?What do you call a whore’s boss?What’s a whore house?Which country has the cheapest prostitution?Is whore a swear word?What is a better alternative for whore?What does attention whore mean?What’s the Madonna whore complex? Definition […]