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Christian Union Wants Minimum Age For Sex With prostitute

Posted on: März 11, 2014

The Dutch Christian Union: A minimum age for visiting a prostitute

The Dutch Christian Union (CU) would like to have a minimum age for having sex with prostitutes, just as the sale of liquor and cigarettes.

If young people have sex with prostitutes they are getting the wrong image of women and their future sex life, therefore the minimum age of a prostitute’s client is required, stated the Christian Union. Tomorrow, the CU will come up with a plan.

“The prostitutes should ask all their clients for an ID, before letting them in. Also, the police must carry out random checks, similar to the control of alcohol sales”. This idea is coming from the Christian Union women from Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. “We have a strict age limit for smoking and drinking, because it is harmful to young people. This also applies to prostitute visit, “says parliamentarian Gert-Jan Segers. Prostitutes should soon be 21 years old before they can work as a sex worker.

To be continued…

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