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Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed

Posted on: August 11, 2023

Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed in Amsterdam

Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed, an hidden diamond in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Oh boy, we sure were surprised by the quality of this restaurant! Paleis van de Weemoed means something like: “Mood Palace”. We went here in the first week of 2015. Although we’ve been in before, we had never eaten here. The last time we went was during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2014. We just had some drinks back then, so this time we wanted to experience what Paleis van de Weemoed is all about.

Delicious food, great performance, relaxed atmosphere, friendly personal and good wines. Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed in the Red Light District has it all!

Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed is located in the Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Just a 5 minute walk away from Central Station.

We made a reservation for the dinner show. The only thing we knew beforehand was that there was going to be a live performance and great food. Sounded good to us!

We arrived a bit early. Willem, one of the waiters, welcomed us in Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed. He took our coats and hung them in the back of the restaurant. He explained the programme for the night and told us that the first performance would start within 30 minutes. We were very curious to find out what the performance would be… Willem asked us: What would you like to drink?

We ordered a glass of wine and a beer. Willem gave us the menu and 15 minutes later  we walked down to our table.

Hot spot restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed in Amsterdam. Just 5 minutes away from Central Station.

The things that this restaurant has on the menu are delicious!

Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed menu


  • Carpaccio of Halibut with crab salad, wasabi and sesam
  • Duck leg & duck breast with cannelloni, orange dressing and apricot chutney.
  • Beignets of mais & spring onion with structures of corn, cream of ras el hanout

Main course:

  • Catch of the day with sauce of Noilly Prat and white grapes
  • Beef succade (Blade steak) smoked, gravy with Port and pickled onion.
  • Terrine with smoked cheese, beetroot and pistachio nuts.

All main courses are served with fresh vegetables and  potato garnish.
Extra to order: Hand carved fries with home made mayonnaise.


  • Surprise of the chef. (It varies per season)
  • Cheese platter. Four different cheeses  and matching garnish.

The dinner show at Paleis van de Weemoed includes live performance.

Restaurant Dinner show in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Between meals this is when we were entertained by the band “Landslide”, who covered great tracks from Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse and many others. The band was awesome! Here’s how it went down:

Great music, delicious dinner.. an unforgettable evening!

Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed in Amsterdam's Red Light District.
Our main course at Restaurant Paleis van de  Weemoed. This was sooo good. Take us back, please!

We sat next to a group of ladies who were celebrating a birthday; The ladies had big fun!

Paleis van de Weemoed in Amsterdam is a great place (to celebrate your birthday)!
Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed is a good place to celebrate a birthday. Very original as well.

A lot of restaurants don’t know how to deal with proportions. Most of time, a main course is just too heavily filled with good that there is no more appetite for a dessert. But, this restaurant certainly understands how to deal with that. The starter and the main course were really good!

Delicious food at Paleis van de Weemoed in Amsterdam.

Luckily we had some room left of a dessert. We had the cheese plate, combined with a lovely Port wine. We got like five or six different cheeses – These were so good, that we totally forgot to make a picture of them. Ah well, go experience it yourself. You definitely won’t regret it!

Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed is an hidden diamond in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It’s definitely going into our favorite hotspots list. We really had a great night here!

Food: 10/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Location: 10/10

Fun to do in Amsterdam Red Light District

Combine a Red Light District Tour with an amazing dinner show in Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed. During the tour a virtual guide tells you everything you need to know and see about the Red Light District: History, fun facts, secret alleys, old buildings, red light windows, hidden art and much more!

After this interesting and fun tour, we’ll bring you to this amazing hidden restaurant in Amsterdam’s Red Light District were you can enjoy the rest of the evening with your fellow travelers.

Red Light District Restaurant Tour:

– Available days: Friday’s & Saturday’s
– Time tour: 6 p.m. (start) & 7.30 p.m (end)
– Arrive at restaurant: 7.30 p.m.
– 3 course dinner included (menu above)
– Live music performance
– Restaurant closes at 23.30 p.m.
– Drinks excluded

65 Euro per person (including walking tour + dinner)

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  1. Ian Mitchell sagt:

    Watcher there went to comedy night on 31/07/17 and had a wicked night great venue great people ash ruu ahhruu ahhruu wicked times ahead ian and Trudi Ipswich England

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