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Restaurant Nam Kee

Posted on: Mai 31, 2014

Restaurant Nam Kee in Amsterdam

Nam Kee Restaurant Amsterdam

It won’t win any design awards, that’s for sure, but year in, year out, restaurant Nam Kee is the most popular Chinese spot in Amsterdam. The steamed oysters and black bean sauce are legendary. In the year 2002, a Dutch film was made that referred to this Chinese restaurant in the Red Light District. Translated the movie was called “The Oysters of Nam Kee”. It was a big hit and so was the book which was written by Kees van Beijnum who used to live in Red Light District. His mother owned a cafe on the Zeedijk.

If you want to avoid the fluorescent-light ambience, try Nam Kee’s nearby branch on the New Market (Nieuwmarkt), which is a bit fancier.

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