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Pizzeria Il Sogno

Posted on: Mai 28, 2023

Restaurant Il Sogno in Amsterdam

Pizzeria Il Sogno, one of the best pizzeria’s in the Red Light District!

Italian restaurant Il Sogno in Amsterdam

Go to Pizzeria Il Sogno in Amsterdam when you’re hungry for Italian food. Damn good pizza’s and tasteful Italian beers! It’s located near the New Market, in the Red Light District, a 10 minute walk from Central Station.

Restaurant Il Sogno in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

Without a doubt, Pizzeria Il Sogno is one the best pizzeria in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It has a wood fired oven, which is always a good sign for proper food.

Italian Pizzeria Il Sogno in Amsterdam.
Il Sogno has a great variety of Italian wines. They offer them in their shop.

Restaurant Il Sogno in the Red Light District (a.k.a. De Wallen) in Amsterdam.
They also sell mushrooms, oil and other delicious Italian products.


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