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Patta Fashion Store

Posted on: März 4, 2024

Patta Fashion Store in Amsterdam.

Patta Fashion Store: The Ultimate Guide

Patta Amsterdam is one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world. Founded in 2004, Patta has become known for its high-quality sneakers and streetwear.

Patta’s sneakers are often seen as works of art, with intricate designs and unique colorways. Patta is also known for its collaborations with other brands, such as Nike, New Balance, and Saucony. In addition to sneakers, Patta also sells a range of apparel, including t-shirts, hats, and jackets.

Patta’s products are highly sought-after by both sneakerheads and fashionistas alike. Thanks to its unique style and premium quality, Patta has cemented its place as one of the world’s most popular sneaker brands.

This shop is definitely the most popular fashion store in Amsterdam’s Red Light District! They sell all kinds of things: Shoes, t-shirts, jackets, bottoms, and much more. Patta Fashion Store is situated right in the city heart of Amsterdam. It became the center of attention by bringing new excitement to the street wear scene. They have a great variety in brands, such as: Nike, Adidas, Converse, New Balance, Rockwell and Patta’s in house brand.

History and Background of Patta

Patta, an iconic name in the world of streetwear, started as a small sneaker boutique in Amsterdam. The brainchild of Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt, Patta was born out of a passion for sneakers and street culture. Its inception in 2004 marked the beginning of a brand that would soon become synonymous with streetwear in Amsterdam and beyond. The founders, with their deep roots in the hip-hop scene and a keen eye for unique fashion, wanted to bring exclusive and hard-to-find sneakers to the Dutch market. Over the years, Patta has evolved from just a retail space to a brand with its own identity, reflecting the founders’ journey and the evolving streetwear culture.

As Patta grew, so did its influence. It became more than just a store; it became a cultural hub, attracting sneakerheads, artists, and fashion enthusiasts. The brand’s early days were marked by a sense of community and a DIY ethos, which are still evident in its operations today. This period of growth saw Patta expand its offering, moving into apparel and accessories, while still maintaining its core focus on exclusive footwear. The brand’s history is a testament to its resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to street culture.

Patta is located on one of the oldest streets in Amsterdam, called the Zeedijk (street). Back in the days, this used to be the most popular street for sailors to spend their money on booze and hookers. All the sailors arrived in the harbor of Amsterdam, which used to be not far away from this street. Just a 5 minute walk, really… The harbor was located on what’s now Amsterdam’s Central Station.

Amsterdam, Red Light District, Zeedijk, 1958. This is now Patta Fashion Store.
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Zeedijk 67, 1958. This is now Patta Fashion Store.

So, in 1958 this is where the locals got their sandwiches… The Zeedijk (street) is located in the city center, so most likely this sandwich shop did good business as well.

Amsterdam, Red Light District, Zeedijk 67, Patta Store. Year unknown
Amsterdam, Zeedijk 67. Year unknown. #Throwback

Did you know that the Zeedijk street used to be the ghetto of The Netherlands? Especially in the 80’s. There were junkies and drugs dealers all over the place! And heroin was the drug which was being sold. Luckily that is now gone.

This is how the Zeedijk street in the Red Light District looked like in the 80's.
In the 80’s, many dealers sold their dope in the cafes on the Zeedijk street in Amsterdam. #ThugLife

It’s strange, but nice to see how this street transformed from a ghetto to a safe and lively place.

Amsterdam Red Light District Zeedijk in 70's. Fashion Store Patta

Patta’s Influence in Streetwear and Fashion

Patta has undeniably left an indelible mark on the streetwear and fashion industry. Its influence extends far beyond the borders of Amsterdam, setting trends and shaping the global streetwear scene. Patta has been pivotal in bringing streetwear to the forefront of fashion, blending comfort with style, and making it a staple in everyday wardrobes. The brand’s ability to consistently innovate while staying true to its roots has earned it a loyal following and respect in the fashion world.

Beyond trendsetting, Patta has been a platform for cultural expression. Their designs often reflect socio-political themes and serve as a voice for urban youth. The brand’s influence is also evident in its participation in fashion weeks and global trade shows, where it showcases not just its fashion sense but its cultural ethos. Recognition from fashion critics and collaborations with high-profile brands underline Patta’s significant role in shaping contemporary fashion narratives.

The Patta Amsterdam Store Experience

Visiting the Patta store in Amsterdam is more than just a shopping trip; it’s an experience in itself. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the store’s interior reflects the brand’s streetwear ethos, with a minimalist yet edgy design. The space is curated to provide an immersive experience, showcasing their latest collections and exclusive releases. The store’s layout is constantly evolving, mirroring the dynamism of the streetwear scene.

Patta’s Product Line and Collaborations

Patta’s diverse product line has played a significant role in defining contemporary street fashion. Initially focused on sneakers, the brand has successfully branched out into a wide range of apparel, including T-shirts, jackets, hats, and bags. Each piece in their collection showcases Patta’s unique blend of street aesthetics with high-quality materials. Their designs often incorporate bold graphics and distinctive color palettes, making them instantly recognizable.


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  1. […] Patta was an interesting shop, not only because the store owners travelled to different ends of the earth to buy sneakers that weren’t even available to the local community back then, but because of its location being smacked in the middle of the red light district. […]

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