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Green Energy Store

Posted on: Oktober 8, 2014

Green Energy Store in Amsterdam. The first cannabis ice salon in the world.

The Green Energy Store, the first cannabis ice salon in the world

Are you not a huge fan of smoking cannabis, because you don’t like the taste it has? Then The  Green Energy Store could be a good place for you. This is where you   could try cannabis mixed with an ice cream or tea. Legally of course!

The Green Energy Store in the Red Light District.
Two cannabis ice cream, please!

Herbs of god at Amsterdam's Green Energy Store.
Just add these herbs of the gods to your tea or smoothie. 🙂

The First Cannabis Ice Salon in the World is located in Amsterdam.

The Green Energy Store is located in the Red Light District, just in front of Amsterdam’s Stock Exchange. During our tours we pass by this place as well. Would you like to see this store? CLICK HERE to join our tours.

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