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Coffeeshop Barney’s

Posted on: April 30, 2023

Amsterdam's coffeeshop Barney's

Coffee Shop Barney’s On Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam

There’s something special about Coffeeshop Barney’s. It might be the thousands of excellent reviews on Google, or the fact that they serve some of the best weed in Amsterdam. Whatever it is, this coffee shop is definitely worth a visit. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, and the staff are always happy to chat. The coffee is strong and delicious, and the weed is top-quality. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax with a good book or smoke a joint with friends, Barney’s is the perfect spot. So why not pay them a visit next time you’re in Amsterdam? You won’t be disappointed.

By far the biggest and best kitchen any coffeeshop has to offer, from great Irish breakfasts to daily lunch specials and plenty of vegetarian options. The organic buds complement the food perfectly.


What do other say about Coffeeshop Barney’s? Here are some Google reviews:

“Absolutely amazing famous coffee shop, so very glad I visited, staff are absolutely awesome, they will go above and beyond and have the best of best smokes, food and drink accompanied really worth a visit and prices are extremely acceptable.”

“It’s a very nice coffeeshop in the centre of Amsterdam. Only a 5 min walk from central station. The prices are pretty high, but the quality of their Weed and Hashish are excellent. As a local smoker myself, I would recommend you to visit this place. They have a good amount of unique weed strains, like Blackberry Kush or Liberty Haze. I tried bb kush this week and it’s damn strong, although pricey (28€ p/gram). The weed itself has a very great taste and I have not seen it anywhere else yet. I would recommend Liberty Haze aswell. For 17 euros p/gram, they offer you a very strong & tasty weed strainBe sure to visit Barney’s Coffeshop to smoke a joint in one of their lounges accompanied with a delicious coffee ☕?”

“Bought a gram of strawberry sour (the seller wasn’t precise and put 1.2 on the scale, charged us more) which was supposed to be a sativa dominant strain, but when smoked, it was very indica-like. Went back to ask if we could exchange it for a different one, but the seller suggested just buying the more expensive sativa – i get it, but that’s a very business-like solution :(( Anyway the weed itself wasn’t bad quality just described inaccurately and the place is just a bit overhyped”

Opening Hours

Coffeeshop barney’s is open daily from 9 am till 1 am.


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  1. Michael Steven Binning sagt:

    Great place,how about some T Shirts

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