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Cafe Dijk 120

Posted on: Juni 1, 2023

Cafe Dijk 120 in Amsterdam

Cafe Dijk 120 is one of the oldest places in the Red Light District

This bar is located on the Zeedijk (Sea Dyke street), which is one of the oldest streets of Amsterdam. Cafe Dijk 120 is great, cozy pub which is situated on a corner. It usually attracts lots of locals; mostly men.

Here’s what Cafe Dijk 120 looked like in 1972:

Amsterdam, Red Light District, Cafe Dijk 120. Year 1972

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1 Responses to Cafe Dijk 120

  1. Theresa Hyland sagt:

    The woman behind the bar is very rude. We left immediately.
    There was only 1 customer in the car and I am not surprised.
    If the woman continues to work there they will be soon closed

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