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Great to see that you’re interested in a collaboration with Amsterdam Red Light District Tours. My name is and Elard and I’m the founder of ARLDT. What started as an online learning project and hobby in 2010 has now grown into one of the most popular travel platforms in Amsterdam. In addition to our tours ARLDT’s site is also being used as a (mobile) city guide. It contains tips, venues and great things to do.

Almost 1 million people visit our website every year. Together they view 1,359,431 pages and have an average reading time of 1.24 minutes. Advertise with us, reach these million visitors and increase your revenue.

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Nearly 1.4 million page views per year!

Custom Branded Content

To keep the content unique and exciting for our readers, all collaborations with ARLDT are custom made. That’s why I prefer to meet each other personally (online) and discuss all possibilities with a cup of coffee. After all, no one can tell the story of Amsterdam Red Light District Tours better than the founder himself. Because of my 10+ years experience as a digital marketing manager, I quickly think of how I can translate your communication and marketing objectives into great content that scores. If you want to advertise, please contact us.



Target Group

Age and Gender

ARLDT Target Group
Most of our online visitors are male and between the ages of 18 and 44.

On our website, 69% of the visitors are male. Of these, 36,% are between the age of 25 to 34 years und 16.5% are between the age of 35 and 44. Does your target audience look something like this? Then advertise with us!


ARLDT Target Group Geo

Of all our online visitors to Amsterdam Red Light District Tours, 21% are from the United States, 20% from the United Kingdom und 21% from the Netherlands. We have a growing number of visitors from Germany and France. This is because our content is increasingly translated into these languages.


During our Amsterdam Red Light District tours it’s slightly different. We get approximately 65% ​​female customers und 35% male customers on our tours. 90% of them are from English-speaking countries.

ARLDT On Social Media


amsterdam red light district tour instagram

On Instagram, almost 13,000 people follow ARLDT’s adventures at home and abroad on a daily basis. Our average Insta-stories are viewed about 2,500 to 5,000 times. While our top Insta-stories have a reach of 8,000 to 20,000 times. Instagram and its stories are great go-to channels for us to have daily contact with (y)our audience. And, we can advertise in many different ways.


Because ARLDT can also use other successful digital channels as fixed touch points a huge reach is achieved in a short time.


We have almost 15,000 followers on Facebook. Our average post engagement is 30,000 per week and we reach about 75,000 people per week.

amsterdam red light district tour facebook

We usually launch campaigns with a significant over-performance. For many of our partners, the reach will only grow over time, because it is content that is shared a lot by our loyal fans and also searched for via Google.

Advertise with us and also reach your audience via our social media channels.

In the Media

We have been listed many times in the press. Both in online publications as offline on TV or in the newspaper. Fox News even listed us as one of the eight wackiest tours around the world! Many of these major media companies have linked to our website in their articles, resulting in a higher PageRank for ARLDT – which means more traffic. And this can help you with better findability as soon as we link to your website.

We have been listed on:

Fox NewsThe TelegraphThrillistYahooMetroHet ParoolBNN – Filemon op de WallenCulture TripAnd many others

Search Engine Marketing

We are true experts in SEM! We really know how to rank well in search results. This is probably also how you found us. Look at our visitor numbers (above), they don’t lie!

Advertise with us and get valuable do-follow backlinks, search engine optimised (SEO) content, great branding, clickable links and exciting photos. Thanks to our effective online promotion – with high relevance to users – your website will be placed higher in Google and you will therefore receive more customers. And that means more revenue!

Invest in Acquisition

Do our target groups match? Do you want more customers and more profit? Then make the smart choice, advertise with us and reach 1 million potential customers!