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Our Lord in the Attic

Posted on: May 16, 2014

Our Lord in the Attic. A hidden church in Amsterdam

Our Lord in the Attic is a beautiful hidden church in Amsterdam

What looks like an ordinary canal house in the Red Light District turns out to have an entire Catholic church stashed inside. Our Lord in the Attic was built in the mid-1600s in defiance of the Calvinists. Inside you’ll see labyrinthine staircases, rich artworks, period decor and the soaring two-story church itself. Our Lord in the Attic, A 17th-century residential museum home with a hidden church in the loft. Most people will just pass by this building, as it doesn’t look like a church at all. In this monument the Dutch Golden Ages come to life. Visitors step back 350 years in time and wander through the corridors, rooms, kitchens and the stairs to the jewel at the heart of the museum: the magnificent church in the attic.

The History of Our Lord in the Attic

The house was built by Jan Hartman in 1663, which makes the house 352 years old. Hartman was a German merchant who was a Catholic.  Since 1578 when the so-called Alteration occurred and the Catholic city authority was dismissed with a Reformed authority, non-Reformed individuals were not permitted to hold public religious services. Therefor, Hartman build a church upstairs, because holding services in premises which were not recognizable, as churches was allowed.  Since 1888, the house and church have provided one of the most remarkable museum experiences.

Our Lord in the Attic in Amsterdam Red Light District View
This is the view from the attic. It shows the entrance of Amsterdam with beautiful old buildings.

Fun fact: Jan Hartman built this hidden church 352 years ago in the middle of the Red Light District.

New part of Our Lord in the Attic

This hidden church has a brand new part which was opened in September 2015 by the Dutch Queen Maxima. It’s located next to the original part of church and it took around six years to complete the expansion and renovation. The new building of Our Lord in the Attic is part of the so called Amsterdam’s Project 1012. One of the goals of this project is to have more variety in the Red Light District. As a couple decades ago, the area used to be all about sex & drugs. Nowadays, it offers much more than than. Like the brand new part of this museum, which includes a coffee bar and a stunning view!

Opening hours Our Lord in the Attic

Monday to Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm
Sundays : 1 pm – 5 pm

Amsterdam Our Lord in the Attic
This is the view from Amsterdam’s Our Lord in the Attic. Amazing, right?


Adults:  9 Euro
Kids (5 – 18 years): 4.50 Euro
Kids (<5 years): Free
Entrance tickets can not be bought online. Only at the door.

Hidden Church in Red Light District Amsterdam View

This hidden church is truly one of the best hidden gem’s in Amsterdam! You’ll love it!

How to get to this hidden church in the Red Light District?

  • By foot: This church is located just 10 minutes away from Central Station. Please check the map below how to get here.
  • Tram: There are no trams in the Red Light District
  • Metro: The nearest tube is at Central Station.
  • Car: Getting here by car is a hassle! There are only a few parking spots and parking here usually cost 5 euro per hour.

Fun things to do in Amsterdam

  • Combine a visit to this hidden church with a fascinating walking tour through the Red Light District. Within a couple of hours you’ll get to know all its secrets.   It’s fun, interesting and healthy!
  • In opposite of Our Lord in the Attic there is a really good restaurant called Paleis van de Weemoed. Their food is amazing and between meals you’ll be entertained by a musical performance. CLICK HERE to read a review.
  • Are you a beer fan? Then go to Brewery de Prael which is located just next to the church. This brewery makes delicious beers. They also do tours by the way.
  • Not to far away for Our Lord in the Attic you can find Amsterdam’s New Market Square. This square is surrounded by nice bars. Go here! Lots of sun!

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