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Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum

Posted on: februari 22, 2022

Amsterdam Red Light District Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum Ticket Price

Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

There are few places in the world where you can legally learn more about cannabis. It would therefore be a shame not to discover this unique attraction in Amsterdam. The Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum offers everything you’d want to know about the fascinating cannabis plant and its use cases throughout the ages.



A visit to this amazing museum opens your mind to all the possibilities that cannabis has to offer. This unique attraction gives a good global historical perspective on the appreciation of cannabis, political activism and the medical background of marijuana.

weed quotes

It is located on the “Oudezijds Achterburgwal” in the Red Light District and actually consists of two separate buildings: the museum and the gallery. Two experiences for the prices of one! 18+ visitors can also experience the vapours from the five marijuana plants that are cultivated inside the museum, in a special vaporising room.

Amsterdam Red Light District Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum Price
Vintage cannabis promotional material. 

Take the audio tour with you to get the most information about all the different exhibit pieces. At the entrance you can get a small speaker box which allows you to scan barcodes to get an added audio explanation.

The audio tour is available in Spanish, Italian German, English, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian and comes gratis with your entrance ticket.



Amsterdam Red Light District Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum Price
Weed culture on display in Amsterdam’s Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum.

The Museum Building

Hemp is one of the oldest produce known to mankind. The museum area delves into the different use cases of the crop: recreational, medicinal, as textiles and oil. These days, the hemp plant is seen as a great alternative for cotton. The cultivation of cotton requires a lot of water and harmful pesticides. Its harvest is also very labor intensive. Contrast those characteristics with hemp: a strong, undemanding, versatile crop. The harvesting of hemp could easily be mechanised.

hash museum amsterdam

History: Cannabis in Amsterdam in the 1970’s

The hash museum also delves into the ‘legalization’ of cannabis in the Netherlands in the 1970’s which led to the now world famous coffeeshops. It also explores the US led global war on drugs. Great artwork is on display including classic propaganda posters. You can also find many great quotes from (famous) people from the past, and the present, about cannabis. You might be surprised about who are among them!

Ben Dronkers Sensi Seeds

Ben Dronkers Richard Branson Barcelona Museum
Ben Dronkers (left) with Richard Branson.

The founder of the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum is Ben Dronkers. He’s also the founder & CEO of Sensi Seeds – a Dutch company and the largest cannabis seed producer in the world. Mister Dronkers was one of the first cannabis pioneers in the Netherlands and helped from the start – late 1960’s – with the supply of cannabis related products in Amsterdam.

Quote of Ben Dronkers:

"There is no plant that is so versatile, has such a wonderful history and so much potential for the future. Our aim is to show just how special this plant is and how varied its applications are.

We interviewed the CEO of the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum. Learn more about cannabis from Ben Dronkers.



Amsterdam Red Light District Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum Netherlands
Part of the Women Of Weed excebition in the gallery building.

The Hash Museum Amsterdam

The Gallery part of the Hash Museum offers na unique exhibit of selected artifacts that are really worth the visit. This place is not just for those who are interested in the traditions of recreational and medical use of cannabis. It also caters to the people who are interested in the history and social questions surrounding the use of hemp.

This part of the museum also hosts a varying exhibit. Currently it highlights some amazing women who’ve shaped the current cannabis world. The excebition features “Whoopi and Maya”, a company co-founded by famous American actress Whoopi Goldberg.

Also featured is Mila Jansen, aka ‘the queen of hash’ who herself established the precursor to Amsterdam’s coffeeshops. An exceptional photo series portrays female cannabis users: an ode to the diversity of Amsterdam’s cannabis culture.

Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum Amsterdam Netherlands
The entrance to the gallery section of the Hash & Marihuana museum in the Red Light District.

Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum Amsterdam Price

The admission price for the gallery and the museum combined is € 9,- euro per person. For children up to the age of 13 the entrance is free, if they are accompanied by an adult. If you buy your ticket via the museum’s website you get a 5% discount. For groups of 10 persons or more there is a 20% discount option if you make the booking in a single reservation. Payment at the door can be done via cash, credit card or debit card.

Inside The Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum & Gallery

Hash Museum Amsterdam Tripadvisor Reviews

Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum Tripadvisor reviews
Three TripAdvisor reviews from people who’ve visited the museum.

Hash Museum Amsterdam Tickets

Visiting the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum is a must do when you’re interesting in cannabis and the liberal Dutch culture. The normal entrance fee is 9 euro, but if you buy you ticket online, then it cost 8.50 euro:


Have you already been to the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum? Let the world know how it was by sharing your experience in the comment section below.


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