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Prostitution expert: “Most Prostitutes Work Without Coercion”

Posted on: January 12, 2021

Prostitution expert Professor Hendrik Wagenaar

Dutch Prostitution Expert: Forget Sweden!

‘Most prostitutes work voluntarily’

According to prostitution expert Hendrik Wagenaar does the overemphasis on human trafficking obstructs a good approach to solve the problems in prostitution.
The professor did research on prostitution in different countries and concluded that the policy does not work if the subject is constantly being magnified.

(Last updated: 17 April 2021)

“Terms like human trafficking push the women into a victim role, which does not do justice to all the moments when the women make their own decisions.” According to him, the vast majority of prostitutes do their work without coercion. If there is initially a question of coercion, they often manage to escape it.

Hendrik Wagenaar

Wagenaar has been researching prostitution policy for more than a decade. He recently completed studies in the Netherlands, Austria (two countries where prostitution is legal), Sweden (where prostitution is prohibited and clients are punished) and New Zealand (where prostitution is legal and sex workers have a major influence on policy and implementation.

Hendrik Wagenaar has a BA and MA in Psychology, and PhD in Urban Studies. He published dozens of articles, research reports and two books about prostitution. Wagenaar’s full resume can be found on his website.

‘The observation that prostitution policy is morality politics has various effects on the design and implementation of prostitution policy. Part of the emphasis on crime and trafficking stems from this, but in general, the moral nature of prostitution policy makes it difficult to design and sustain a policy that, as is the goal of the Dutch 2000 law, takes the rights of sex workers and the quality of life in cities as its major objectives.’  Source: Final Report of the International Comparative study of Prostitution Policy.

Prostitution Books

Hendrik Wagenaar published the following book (among others) together with Helga Amesberger and Sietse Altink. Designing Prostitution Policy: Intention and Reality In Regulating The Sex Trade.

“A splendid, evidence-based analysis of policies related to sexual commerce and labor migration in Europe. Scholars and policy makers will find the book’s findings of tremendous value as they weigh alternative proposals for regulating commercial sex.”

— Ronald Weitzer, George Washington University

Prostitution expert Wagenaar also published this book: Assessing European Prostitution Policies.

Sex Work Without Coercion

Wagenaar emphasizes that most prostitutes work without coercion exercised. If there is coercion, these prostitutes often know to emerge.
Prostitution expert mr. Wagenaar also notes that sex work is one of the many entry-level occupations of migrant workers. In addition to cleaning, working in construction, horticulture, catering, etc.

Swedish Prostitution Model

Sweden, where prostitution is prohibited, is definitely not a good example, according to expert Hendrik Wagenaar. “In Sweden, prostitution and trafficking did certainly not disappear!”

This piece was translated from this Dutch source.


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