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Prostitution expert: “Most prostitutes work without coercion”

Posted on: March 12, 2013

Prostitution expert Professor Hendrik Wagenaar

A Dutch prostitution expert: Forget Sweden!

According to prostitution expert Hendrik Wagenaar does the overemphasis on human trafficking obstructs a good approach to solve the problems in prostitution.
The professor did research on prostitution in different countries and concluded that the policy does not work if the subject is constantly being magnified. “Women become a victim, caused by the terms such as trafficking, which does not do justice to all the moments that women take decisions themselves.”

Wagenaar emphasizes that most prostitutes work without coercion exercised. If there is coercion, these prostitutes often know to emerge.
Prostitution expert mr. Wagenaar also notes that sex work is one of the many entry-level occupations of migrant workers. In addition to cleaning, working in construction, horticulture, catering, etc. Sweden, where prostitution is prohibited, is definitely not a good example, according to expert Hendrik Wagenaar. “In Sweden, prostitution and trafficking did certainly not disappear!”

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