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Amsterdam Coke-Killer Sentenced to Prison

Posted on: février 25, 2016

Amsterdam white heroin Dealer Sentenced To One-Year In Prison

White Heroin Dealer Behind Bars For One Year

The court of Amsterdam has ruled that the 43-year old man, who last year sold life threatening white heroin as cocaine in Amsterdam, is not guilty on most charges. The suspect, Flip S., reported himself to the authorities back in April 2014. According to the prosecution S. arrived in an overly emotional state, expressing that he couldn’t live with the thought that his actions led to the death of three British tourists. Since then S. has claimed that he never made that statement.

The judge sentenced S. to a one-year prison term for dealing in illegal drugs. However, S. will be released from jail shortly, because he has already been in jail since April last year.

The public prosecutor demanded a four year prison sentence for the sale of white heroin to three Danish tourists back in February last year, but the court found that there wasn’t enough conclusive evidence which proved that S. knew that he was selling white heroine as cocaine to the three tourists. This has been the counter-plea of the S. throughout the trial. The court did find that S., who knew that the so-called “killer-coke” was in circulation, should have tested his wares. And if he didn’t do it himself he should have at least told his costumers to test their drugs.

Acquittal White Heroin Dealer for the three British deaths

The public prosecutor had already asked for acquittal for the death of three British tourists back in 2014 because of a lack of proof. This led to an acquittal by the court.

White heroin dealer drug warning in Amsterdam
Anti-drug campaign in 2014 from local government of Amsterdam.

Drug Unrest In Amsterdam Because Of White Heroin Dealer

The sale of the deadly drugs caused a lot of unrest in Holland’s capital at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. This led the police to organize a large information campaign to warn the public and tourists about the dangers of white-heroin in circulation. Besides the three dead British tourists a dozen more people were hospitalised.

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