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28 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam Need to Close Their Business

Posted on: mai 15, 2014

28 coffeeshops in Amsterdam need to close

28 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam Too Close To Schools

Recently, the local government of Amsterdam decided that 28 coffeeshops in Amsterdam need to close their doors, because their business is too close to a school.
The first coffeeshops that need to stop their business are The Grasshopper and coffeeshop Homegrown Fantasy. First, the government of Amsterdam decided to close one of the oldest coffeeshop in Amsterdam. We’re talking about the famous coffeeshop The Bulldog at Leidse Square. This coffeeshop was founded in 1985. The local government thought that a school was located within 250 meters and therefore The Bulldog had to close in 2016. Fortunately, they miscalculated the distance. So now, coffeeshop The Bulldog at Leidse Square is allowed to stay…

The following coffeeshops in Amsterdam will lose their tolerance statement on 1st of July 2014: Gouden Boon, Ocean, Betty Boop, De Kade, The Power, Ben, Magic and The Wauw Shop. As of January 1, 2015 these coffeeshops are forced to close their business too: Coffeeshop Abraxas, Anyday, The Energy Shop and Biba. These coffeeshops are located within 150 meters of a school.

Then there is a larger group of coffeeshops in Amsterdam which are located between 150 and 250 meters of a school. They are only allowed to sell weed up untill the 1st of January 2016. Like the other coffeeshops (mentioned above), also these have to close their doors then: De Kroon Drie, Space Mountain, High Time, Resin, Lucifera, Mediterranee, Utopia, De Graal, Mellow Yellow, Today, De Kroon Twee, De Kuil, El Guapo and Little.

All these 28 coffeeshops in Amsterdam which are located near schools already have been restricted to certain opening hours. During the weekdays these coffeeshops are only allowed to be open between 6 PM and 1 AM. This restriction does not apply in the weekend and during holidays.


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