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Red Light District

Wok to Walk

Posted on: janvier 2, 2024

Wok to Wok in Amsterdam's Red Light District. A great place to crab some healthy, fresh and cheap food.

Wok to Wok: All You Need To Know

Wok to Walk is a fast-casual Asian restaurant chain that originated in Amsterdam. The concept is simple: customers choose their own ingredients and then watch as the Wok to Walk chefs cook up their meal right in front of them. The results are fresh, flavorful dishes that are tailored to the individual’s taste. Wok to Walk has become popular for its quick service and customizable options, and it has now expanded to locations all over the world. However, there is still something special about dining at the original Wok to Walk in Amsterdam. Perhaps it’s the relaxed atmosphere, or the fact that you can see the canals while you eat. Whatever the reason, if you’re ever in Amsterdam, be sure to check out Wok to Walk.

Wok to Walk isn’t exactly a place which you’d call a restaurant perhaps, but they do serve great food! Especially for those who just wanna have some fresh and healthy food. And more importantly, food which is quickly served! This Wok to Walk is located on the Warmoesstraat 55 in the Red Light District. They offer a variety of tasteful Asian food. Wok to Walk’s menu consist out of three simple steps. One, choose your basic ingredient (like noodles or rice). Two, choose 4 extra ingredients (like chicken, beef, mushrooms, broccoli, etc). Three, pick your sauce (Teriyaki, Oyster, Sweet & Sour, etc).

Although the name Wok to Walk suggest that it is a take-away, you could also sit inside if you would like.

Wok to Walk is part of an international franchise-chain, which currently has locations in 14 different countries. The whole idea of fresh, but cheap food started in Thailand, but the company was founded in Amsterdam.

Wok to Walk has 4 other locations in Amsterdam, next to this one. They can be found on Damstraat 44, Kolksteeg 8, Leidsestraat 96 et Reguliersbreestraat 45.

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