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Red Light District

Mary Go Wild

Posted on: août 23, 2014

Mary Go Wild store in Amsterdam

The Mary Go Wild store, the dance store of Amsterdam!

Mary Go Wild is a brand new store in Amsterdam, located on the beginning of the Zeedijk. Just a 3 minute walk away from Amsterdam’s Central Station. It offers lots of cool stuff out of the famous Dutch dance scene. Awesome books, posters, clothing, photos and whatnot..

The Mary Go Wild store in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

A visit to this new store is something you’d definitely not regret. We could definitely recommend to purchase the Mary Go Wild book. Which pretty much describes the whole history of the legendary Dutch dance scene! Something which is a huge part of the Dutch culture…

Vinyl records at the Mary Go Wild Shop in Amsterdam.

The back of the store in the Red Light District.

The Sound of Belgium, the book.

The counter of this shop in the Red Light District.

This is the book of famous Dutch DJ Joost van Bellen.

Some very interesting books, including  Schorem Haarsnijders en Barbier Bertus.

This store has it all: A Chesterfield, a turn table, vinyl records, lovely view..

They also have the Banksy book. Walls and piece.



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