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Posted on: mars 8, 2023

Dignita Amsterdam

Dignity in Amsterdam: The Ultimate Guide 2023

In this article, we will explore Dignita, a social enterprise based in Amsterdam that is dedicated to empowering vulnerable individuals through hospitality. Founded in 2015, Dignita provides training and employment opportunities to individuals who face barriers to work, such as refugees and people who have experienced homelessness. The organization is well-known for its delicious food and excellent coffee, as well as its commitment to social impact and sustainability. We will take a closer look at Dignita’s mission, history, menu, social impact initiatives, and plans for the future.

Dignita is the newest coffee shop in Amsterdam.

Introduction to Dignita and its mission

Dignita is a social enterprise based in Amsterdam that aims to combat social exclusion and support vulnerable individuals. The organization achieves this through its two cafes and catering services, which provide training and employment opportunities for individuals who face barriers to work, such as refugees and people who have experienced homelessness. Dignita’s mission is to empower individuals through hospitality and give them the skills and experience needed to succeed in the workforce.

The history and development of Dignita

Dignita was founded in 2015 as a sister organization to the non-profit organization Not For Sale, which works to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Not For Sale recognized that many people who have experienced exploitation struggle to find employment due to a lack of work experience or training. As a result, Dignita was created to provide these individuals with the skills and experience they need to secure long-term employment. Since its founding, Dignita has grown to become a well-known cafe chain in Amsterdam, with two locations in the city center.

The menu and dining experience at Dignita

Dignita’s cafes are well-known for their delicious brunches and lunches, which are made from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. The menu features a range of dishes, from classic brunch items like eggs benedict and avocado toast to more unusual options like vegan breakfast bowls and Israeli shakshuka. In addition to its food, Dignita is also known for its excellent coffee, which is made from ethically sourced beans. The cafes themselves are designed to be warm and welcoming spaces, with comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere.

Social impact initiatives and partnerships

Dignita has a range of social impact initiatives and partnerships that support its mission to combat social exclusion. One of its most significant partnerships is with Not For Sale, its sister organization, which provides support and resources to individuals who have experienced exploitation. Dignita also partners with local organizations that work to support vulnerable individuals, such as the Dutch Refugee Council and the Housing First initiative. Additionally, Dignita has a program called “Pay It Forward,” which allows customers to donate money towards a meal or coffee for someone who cannot afford it.

Future plans and expansion of Dignita

Dignita has plans to expand its cafes and catering services beyond Amsterdam in the future. The organization believes that its model of social enterprise can be replicated in other cities and countries to support vulnerable individuals and combat social exclusion. In addition to its expansion plans, Dignita is also committed to improving its sustainability practices. The organization is working to reduce its environmental impact by sourcing ingredients locally and reducing food waste.

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3 Responses to Dignita

  1. Wendy dit :

    Cute little shop!
    Stopped in as I had heard they are a fair trade store and found some great, creative chocolate bars. They said that they would be selling soup and breads for lunch and dinner. Will try that next time I’m back!

  2. Charissa Roby dit :

    Heard about Dignita and making sure I find it when in Amsterdam next week! It’s sure to be a highlight of my trip.

    Thank you,


  3. Luna dit :

    A nice little shop. They claimed to be a brothel turned shop wit story. Lotsa inspiring cute things to buy or look at. Definitely inspiring!! Not so expensive. I think they are even cheaper than some souvenirs shops around. Worth visiting.

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